Scoop: Mayer, Swift more than just friends? 

They say they’re just friends, but the rumor mill is fast cranking out juicy tidbits hinting at Taylor Swift and John Mayer being much more than that. In fact, one pal told In Touch magazine that the 32-year-old ladies’ man boasted about hooking up with the 20-year-old cutie.

When the two singer-songwriters spent time together in a recording studio in late January, things got flirty fast.

“She was sitting on John’s lap, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his ear,” the insider said. “They were acting like teenagers.” (Note: Taylor literally was a teenager just a couple months ago.)

The source said during the night of the recording session, the pair enjoyed a dinner date and then retired to John’s hotel suite, where “Taylor spent the night and enjoyed midmorning room service before leaving his suite the next day.” Gasp!

We so don’t want to believe this! Let’s just go with the official line that Taylor sees John as a “mentor.”


Baby Spice?

Victoria Beckham wants a little Spice Girl of her own. The mom of three sons with soccer hunk David Beckham wants a daughter since learning her sister Louise is pregnant, a spy told the U.K.’s Sun.

“Louise has just told everyone she is expecting, and Vic has immediately become broody,” a family friend said. (That’s Brit speak for “baby fever.”)

The singer turned designer evidently told her hubby that she wants to start trying to conceive after this summer’s World Cup.

“She and David have always wanted a girl. He’d love more kids, so it’s great news,” the friend said.

Indeed, Posh Spice herself told Allure magazine in 2008 that “at some point, I’d love to have a girl, you know, just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down. It would be tremendous fun.”

Well, we certainly can’t think of a better reason to bring a child into the world!


‘Gossip’ Quashed

Either the rumors about “Gossip Girl” stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr’s romance troubles were false, or they’re both really good actors.

At Maxim magazine’s pre-Super Bowl party at Miami’s Raleigh Hotel, the pair were all over each other, according to New York Post sources.

“They spent most of the night dodging cameras in one of the back cabanas, where they were making out like crazy,” one gawker said. “It looked like they were having,” er, a private moment.

How many times must we explain to celebrities that when they’re partying at a hotel, there’s really no excuse for not just getting a room?


Kendra’s Drama

Kendra Wilkinson has taken to Twitter to explain her post-Superbowl tears. The former “Girls Next Door” star was sighted looking visibly distraught as she carried 2-month-old son Hank IV out of the stadium, and the blogosphere was quick to attribute her distress to the Colts’ loss to the Saints (thanks in part to husband Hank Baskett III’s flub).

But Kendra tweeted, “I wasn’t cryin cuz of the damn game it’s cuz the paparazzi have no soul … they wouldn’t leave me n family alone!!!!”

The star of E!’s “Kendra” then quipped, “With all this drama I should get my own reality show lolol.”

Hey now, girl, quit making sarcastic kickers! That’s our job!

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