Scoop: Lindsay reportedly almost committed 

Another disturbing sign that Lindsay Lohan is headed down a bad path: Police hired to protect her from paparazzi ended up wanting to protect her from herself, according to TMZ.

The troubled starlet’s “erratic behavior” troubled the LAPD officers enough that, allegedly, they recently considered the possibility of putting her under an involuntary psychiatric hold, or 5150, for evaluation.

This comes on the heels of the “Mean Girls” star’s loved ones reportedly telling the site they fear for LiLo’s life if she doesn’t get herself help for substance abuse.

So we can’t help but wonder: What made the cops decide against taking action?

Put Through The Mills

Breaking news: Heather Mills is not a very nice person. A former nanny who is suing the ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal recalled in a British court the way she was allegedly treated, and — surprise — it wasn’t pretty.

Heather was evidently “very bitter toward Paul” after the split and was no fun to work for. The former “Dancing With the Stars” hopeful even grilled the nanny, Sara Trumble, on whether she had been the subject of advances from Heather’s new boyfriend. Not surprisingly, this made little Beatrice’s caretaker feel “awkward, upset and embarrassed.”

When Sara went on maternity leave, she testified, her boss “wanted to know when I was going back to work. She left a message; it was something about Bea not having a nanny. It was a really rude, horrible message, and I was reduced to tears.”

However, when she did return, she was informed her duties had been reduced to cleaning, so she quit.

Mind you, the nanny was paid less than $400 a week. We know what you’re thinking: Couldn’t Heather at least cough up some of Sir Paul’s money as combat pay?

More Material, Girl!

In the “you can’t make this stuff up” department: Madonna said the way her budding-fashionista daughter Lourdes, 13, dresses is — wait for it — not “conservative” enough.

Style-conscious Lourdes, aka Lola, who’s working on the Material Girl teen fashion line with her mom, “is inspired by kids she sees in hip-hop and ballet classes, European influences, bands she listens to,” the pop icon said. “You could say it’s in the DNA — but I could never tell her how to dress! She also comes to my photo and video shoots, pulls outfits together and gives her input to a lot of my fashion-designer friends. Whether it’s Marc Jacobs or Stella McCartney, they always ask her what she thinks.”

But though she’s impressed with her scion’s eclectic influences, “if anything, I wish she’d dress more conservatively,” Madge said. “How’s that for irony?”

We couldn’t have said it better.

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