Scoop: Lindsay reportedly $600,000 in debt 

Ever wonder how Lindsay Lohan can afford her lavish lifestyle when she hardly ever works? Well, it appears she actually can't. The hard-partying, shopaholic starlet is evidently in deep debt.

“Lindsay owes credit cards $600,000,” a snitch tells Radar Online. “One card cut her off last week and it's only a matter of time before all her other credit cards cut her off too.”

The “Georgia Rule” star has had trouble finding acting work lately (though we're super-psyched for her upcoming role in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete"); her forays into the fashion world have been disastrous; and once-lucrative nightclub appearance gigs are now reportedly going for a paltry $5,000 to $10,000. (Which sounds like a great paycheck for a night of hanging out, but hey, that's just us.)

But according to the site, LiLo hasn't adjusted her spending habits accordingly.

“One credit card company is going to discuss a payment plan for Lindsay,” notes the source. “But if she doesn't have the income and can't make her payments, they are prepared to sue her."

Could somebody please put Jamie Spears in charge of this girl's affairs already? Look, he worked wonders with Britney!

Charlie: Hiding Something?

Why did Charlie Sheen suddenly opt to shave his head? “People think he's trying to avoid having his hair tested for drugs,” a friend of the family confides to In Touch.

Though the recovered-addict actor purportedly entered treatment for substance abuse as a way to guard against relapsing, loved ones fear he already has.

“His behavior has been so erratic that his friends and family are concerned,” says the insider. “He isn't keeping in contact with anyone that he used to right now.”

Meanwhile, wife Brooke Mueller was spotted on Friday without her wedding ring. As Scoop! told you Monday, reports have claimed she moved out of their marital home and is shopping for her own place.

However, a Radar Online source described as close to Brooke says she is “still definitely living at home” with their twin sons and continuing substance abuse treatment there. Hopefully, she's committed to doing that regardless of whether she chooses to stay with Charlie.

Stating the Obvious

We're used to notoriously private couple Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron-Cohen keeping secrets — even most of their friends and family found out about their super-secret March wedding via an after-the-fact e-mail.

Now, it seems like they've been keeping yet another piece of joyful news under wraps: They're expecting!

“Wedding Crashers” star Isla was spotted in L.A. over the weekend with an impossible-to-conceal baby bump. (Well, that, or she goes grocery shopping wearing a pregnancy prosthetic, just to mess with the paparazzi's minds. But that seems less likely.) Unsurprisingly, however, reps still wouldn't budge on requests for comment.

Well, we'll just go ahead and offer congrats to the couple and big-sis-to-be Olive. And if it's a boy, may we suggest Caper or Pimento? 

Shrinking Sharon

On the opposite end of the outspokenness spectrum: Sharon Osbourne. The latest TMI tidbit of information that the reality star — pardon the expression — had to get off her chest: She's removing her breast implants and turning them into paperweights.

“It's true,” the former talk show host confirmed on “Today” of her artificial 34DDs. The U.K.'s Sun had previously reported that her surgery was scheduled for July, and she was set to drop two cup sizes.

Sharon added that she'll give the unwanted implants to hubby Ozzy to use as paperweights: “They're better on his desk than on my chest. They're awful!”

The real shocker here: Ozzy has a desk?

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