Scoop: LiLo, Avril square off at Hollywood nightclub 

Catfight! No, it didn’t get physical, but Lindsay Lohan had a very public tiff with fellow party girl Avril Lavigne at Hollywood hot spot Chateau Marmont.

“Avril was at a table with friends just over a week ago, including her boyfriend, Brody Jenner, when Lindsay came over to say hi,” an observer told the New York Post. “But as soon as she approached, Avril launched at her and said, ‘Get the hell out of my face — you are fake, you are a loser. I don’t like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.’”

“Lindsay was furious and screamed back, ‘Don’t threaten me!’” the eyewitness said. “She then stormed off to security and tried to get them to kick Avril out. They refused to force Avril to leave. Lindsay eventually stormed off.”

Evidently, the pop singer’s beef stems from an occasion when the starlet snubbed her at an event — only to change her attitude in front of the Marmont crowd.

“It seemed like she was just being friendly to Avril because she was with people Lindsay wanted to impress,” the source said. “Avril is avoiding going to the Chateau Marmont when she knows Linsday will be there. She doesn’t want any more drama.”

Lindsay, you’d do well to steer clear of drama yourself. Isn’t Chateau Marmont just about the only nightclub you haven’t been banned from?  

Just Joaquin Around?

Remember how Joaquin Phoenix decided to go all freaky-deaky and throw his acting career away to become a terrible “rapper,” while undergoing a sudden personality shift that made Courtney Love seem coherent and socially acceptable?

Well, you also may recall that a few possible explanations were floated for his mondo bizarro behavior: He was actually serious; he was on drugs; or he was turning his life into a performance-art piece for a faux-documentary by pal Casey Affleck.
Now, that film has been unveiled, and ... we’re still not sure which scenario is correct.

The biopic called “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix” was quietly screened for film bigwigs last week. And the Los Angeles Times reported that prospective buyers were utterly perplexed as to whether the movie — said to include scenes of nudity and drug use — is a sincere look at the “Walk the Line” star’s life or an incredibly elaborate hoax.

Either way, we’re hoping someone releases this — we’re dying to judge for ourselves!

Eddie Plays Daddy

Eddie Murphy famously dumped a pregnant Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown, and wouldn’t acknowledge his own daughter until a paternity test proved she was his.

But after years of little or no contact, the funnyman is finally warming to Angel, now 3 — and even to his formerly bitter baby mama.

“While promoting ‘Shrek Forever After’ [at the Tribeca Film Festival last month], Eddie talked a lot about his kids,” a source told the New York Daily News. “Ever since, he’s been making efforts with Mel to get to know their daughter.”

Eddie, who has six children with ex-wife Nicole, even invited his ex and her now-hubby Stephen Belafonte to a party at his L.A. home.

“They’ve both said some really nasty things about each other to the press,” the insider said. “So needless to say, some guests were shocked” to see the former Spice Girl and her daughter there.

It turns out Nicole had a hand in “help[ing] them reconcile their issues,” the source said. “Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wanted her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had toward Mel.”

“All of the children were there for the party, and it appeared that they’re one big, happy, blended family,” the insider said.

Well, that’s about as nondysfunctional as Hollywood families get!

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