Scoop! Keith: Nicole ‘strong, loving’ through rehab 

Country star Keith Urban has reached out to fans to explain his prolonged stint in rehab, and to assuage any doubts that wife Nicole Kidman is still in his corner. In a message on his Web site, the Aussie rocker says his recent rehab experience has "been one of the most impactful times of my whole life."

"No cataclysmic event" spurred him to get treatment for a relapse into addictive behavior, Keith explains, but "a lot of small moments that were starting to accumulate … were telling me very loud and clear that I was a long way from my program of recovery, and they were making my life unmanageable."

Once in the facility, Keith said he had to commit to doing deeper work on his issues than he had realized: "Thirty days became 60, and 60 days became 90. And with each week that passed, I found myself really learning to surrender."

Throughout his battle with addiction, not to mention recent allegations of a drug- and alcohol-fueled affair with a groupie during their engagement, Nicole has stood by Keith. During his stint in treatment, Keith says, she "stayed extraordinarily strong and loving."

Hopefully there will be a happy ending for the couple after all. Keith certainly sounds like he’s in a positive place: "It feels really good to have gone through it and to be where I am right now, because where I am right now is starting on that road to getting back to doing what I love, which is playing music."

Best of luck to Keith in staying on the right road.

Watch Keith Urban's special video message to fans on his Web site; see his video for the hit song, "My Better Half" (below):

Cameron: Surf’s Up

It was just a week ago that Cameron Diaz reportedly freaked out on her ex Justin Timberlake at a post-Golden Globes party for chatting with other women. But now Cam seems to have wasted no time finding a new male companion of her own.

Last Tuesday, the famously athletic "Holiday" star headed to Hawaii, where she joined decidedly yummy champion surfer Kelly Slater for a laid-back getaway.

According to People, the duo made the most of the Hawaiian holiday: They were spotted surfing, golfing, dining, and, ahem, picking up groceries.

Sounds pretty cozy! Stay tuned.

Anna Nicole: New Suit

It’s Tuesday, so Anna Nicole Smith must be in new legal trouble. The most recent lawsuit slapped on the former reality star and model is from her own former lawyers.

A Bahamas-based firm that dumped her as a client back in October (gosh, can’t imagine why) is now petitioning a court to freeze Anna’s bank accounts until she makes good on unpaid legal bills.

Court papers point out that Anna scored a cool million-plus for selling photos of her so-called wedding to Howard K. Stern in September … so there’s really no reason she should not pony up.

Anna’s camp counters that the account is delinquent because she never received an itemized bill.

That’s the best they could come up with? Come on, Anna, at least say you mailed a check with the address slip facing backwards.

‘The Break-Up’ Off?

Could Vaughniston be returning for another round?

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have been the most cordial of exes, hanging out at her home over the holidays and complimenting each other at the People’s Choice Awards. But now Life&Style reports that the goodwill might be more than platonic. A source dishes to the magazine that Jen is tempted to give Vince another chance.

"A big part of her can’t let Vince go.And he could sense it when he visited her," says the source.

Hmmm … a reunion still seems like a long shot to Scoop! We’ll believe it when we see them deny it.

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