Scoop: Kate Gosselin’s kids depressed without mom 

Kate Gosselin has defended herself to critics who think her appearance on “Dancing With the Stars” will take too much time away from her kids.

“Why can’t a mom have fun?” she said in a recent People magazine cover story. But her eight children apparently feel differently.

While Kate was away from Feb. 21 to March 6, leaving her twins and sextuplets with nannies (not ex-hubby Jon), the little ones “were asking, ‘When is mommy coming home?’” according to an Us Weekly magazine source.

Nine-year-old twins Cara and Mady “seem depressed when Kate isn’t around,” per another source, while her three 5-year-old boys evidently acted out and “got into trouble at school for talking back to teachers” during her absence.

But the undeterred Kate is setting her sights on the competition and “wants to be a huge star,” a source close to the family said. The kicker: her rather overreaching choice of celebrity role models.

“She says Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have lots of kids and their parents are away for long periods, working to support them,” the source said.

Well, if fans vote Kate off “Dancing,” we’ll be left guessing whether they wanted to send her home to her kids or if she’s just a horrible dancer.


Love Lost

“Ghost Whisperer” co-stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have split after a year of dating. But there was no bombshell, such as cheating, that led the former “Party of Five” star and the funnyman to go their separate ways, a source told People.

“It wasn’t contentious,” the insider said. “It had kind of just run its course. They just sort of looked at each other and said, ‘We like each other and we make each other laugh, but this isn’t for the long term.’”

“She’s working constantly, and Jamie’s working on the show and touring [with his stand-up comedy act],” the source said. “It just isn’t conducive to a relationship.”

One of the projects J.Love has been so busy working on, coincidentally, is a book of relationship advice. Yeah, we’re thinking that’s not going to be such a big seller.


Corey Haim: Questions

Corey Haim’s family has received the financial support they need to lay him to rest. But there are still questions surrounding how the 38-year-old actor died.

After the “Lost Boys” star’s mother reached out to fans asking for money to pay for his funeral, a celebrity memorabilia auction Web site announced that it would give $20,000 to cover the costs, including the cost of transporting his body to his hometown of Toronto to be buried.

Meanwhile, despite mom Judy saying that pulmonary congestion killed Corey — suggesting that drug abuse didn’t play a role — a staffer at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department clarified that it doesn’t tell the complete story.

“We did an autopsy,” the staffer told Us Weekly. “We gave his mother some preliminary findings, but it does not mean it is the final cause of death. The final cause of death is pending toxicology and other reports. We did discuss issues involving his heart and lungs. We are not going to comment on specifics until the final results come back. It could be up to six weeks.”

And evidence suggests that Corey, who struggled with prescription pill addiction, had indeed been abusing medication: A prescription illegally written in his name was found in the home where he died, the work of an “illegal and massive prescription drug ring under investigation,” California’s attorney general said.

CNN reported that 11 days before he died, Corey picked up two prescriptions at a pharmacy without seeing his doctor. And that’s in addition to valid prescriptions that were found in the home.

We’ll know the exact cause of his death when autopsy results are in.

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