Scoop! Justin and Cameron say split was mutual 

Just in case you were in denial about the demise of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz’s four-year relationship, the couple has confirmed what Scoop! divulged on Jan. 3: It’s over.

The notoriously media-unfriendly twosome teamed up one last time to issue a reluctant statement: "It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we’ve spent together, we feel compelled to do so now. … We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another."

"Mutually"? Hmm. As Scoop! has reported, many sources claim that J.T. appears to be getting hot and heavy with Scarlett Johansson. The actress stars in his "What Goes Around" video, and a source close to Justin tells Us Weekly, "they definitely got together after she did the video."

In fact, the friend explains, Justin’s casting of Scarlett (an actress not exactly known as the video-hoochie type) was what triggered the breakup with Cam: "She could not believe he went behind her back to put her in the video. Cameron was very jealous of Scarlett." (Can you blame her? This wouldn’t be the first time Scarlett has hooked up with one of Cam’s castoffs; she also dated Diaz ex Jared Leto.)

That may explain why Justin sounded happy and upbeat on a Friday radio show, while Cameron is rumored to be commiserating with "Charlie’s Angels" co-star and fellow recent breakup sufferer Drew Barrymore. (So, Lucy Liu, how’s your relationship going?)

Heather Moves Forward

Actress Heather Locklear went through some tough times in 2006, including an ugly divorce (husband Richie Sambora infamously took up with her former best friend, Denise Richards) and a fizzled odd-couple romance with snarky comic David Spade. But she’s letting nothing stop her from looking forward to 2007.

"This is my second chapter," proclaims the plucky actress in the February Shape magazine, her fourth cover story since 1984. "It’s my chance to focus on [daughter] Ava, on myself and on what I want to do."

At 45, Heather seems ageless. She has managed to keep her body in amazing shape, just as she’s kept her career active with starring roles in hit shows from "T.J. Hooker" to "Spin City." Looking back at past Shape covers, Heather says she (rightly) thinks, "Wow, nice body."

She goes on to add, "I feel more confident about myself now than I did 20 years ago. And I can honestly say I look better today."

Right on, Heather! It’s so nice to see a woman who’s aware of just how fabulous she is.

Angelina vs. Madonna, Round 2?

Last week, Scoop! reported on the quickly squashed beef between Angelina Jolie and Madonna (Angie criticized the legality of Madge’s Malawi adoption, then qualified her remarks). But now a much less tame catfight could be brewing between these two A-list divas — over an alleged love triangle with another woman.

Model Jenny Shimizu has bragged about her pre-Brad liaisons with Angelina before, but now she’s ready to introduce a new twist to the tale, according to Britain’s News of the World. The U.K. tabloid reports that Jenny is working on a tell-all book that will detail how her affair with Angie occurred at the same time as a series of international hotel rendezvous with Madonna. Supposedly, prior to marrying Guy Ritchie, Madonna had Jenny flown to various destinations for hookups.

Whether or not these allegations turn out to be true, it sure will be interesting to see how Angelina and Madonna — both known for being fearlessly outspoken about their love lives — respond.

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