Scoop: Johnson’s final days full of narcotics and debt 

In the wake of Casey Johnson’s sudden death at age 30, loved ones — including, allegedly, fiancee Tila Tequila — immediately began speculating that her drug abuse, as well as possibly her diabetes, played a role. Now the LAPD plans to speak to the reality star about this theory as part of their investigation into the Johnson & Johnson heiress’ death, according to the New York Post.

“[Mother] Sale helped her recover from a couple of diabetic comas. As a diabetic, Casey’s body couldn’t metabolize the drugs and alcohol she was using,” one friend told the New York Daily News. “[Her parents] did everything they could to straighten her out. They sent her to one detox program after another, but she’d quit. They were trying to keep her alive.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that the tragic socialite’s downward spiral included sinking deep into debt. Her Porsche was repossessed in December, after she missed payments, and a nanny service had successfully sued her for more than $20,000 — despite the fact that daughter Ava Monroe, 3, was turned over into Sale’s care. Casey died alone at home, allegedly several days before a maid found her body.

What a sad and lonely end for a girl who once had everything.


Mrs. Katy Brand?

We’re only a week into 2010, and the Scoop! “10 Couples to Watch” list already produced some shocking developments. We’ve had two breakups (Gyllenspoon and Taylor Squared), one shocking death (just-engaged Casey Johnson) and now an engagement. Yes, head-over-heels couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand are planning to make it official.

After reports that he’d popped the question surfaced Tuesday, tweet-happy lovebird Russell reportedly texted, “It’s true. Much love.”

Congratulations, Russell — we actually believe you really have renounced your womanizing ways. Now don’t let us — or, more importantly, Katy — down!

Lindsay: Betrayed?

Despite her resolution for “health, happiness, success and love” in the new year, it seems 2010 isn’t going so well for Lindsay Lohan. Not only is the starlet reeling from the loss of socialite friend Casey Johnson, she’s also lost a friendship thanks to a shady pal who allegedly stole designs for her upcoming fashion collection.

Longtime BFF Patrick “Pootie” Aufdenkamp “stole Lindsay’s sketches for her new 6126 clothing line,” an expansion of her leggings collection, a source told Us magazine.

“He is now running off trying to do his own line,” a friend says, “and telling people he’s going to fashion market week in NYC on Feb. 18 to debut his line.”

“I should’ve known better” than to trust him, the rueful actress says.

Uh, considering the reviews of Lindsay’s recent Ungaro collection, we’d think anyone would’ve known better than to steal designs from her.

That’s like copying quiz answers off an “F” student.


Natalie’s New Man

Some starlets date backup dancers, but leave it to the supersophisticated Natalie Portman to date a ballet choreographer. The actress reportedly is dating Benjamin Millepied, 32, the head of hoofing on the set of her upcoming “Black Swan,” in which she plays a

Nat, 28, made her public debut with Ben at an intimate New Year’s Eve party in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood, a source told In Touch magazine: “She has been subletting Sarah Michelle Gellar’s apartment and she wanted to celebrate the New Year with a few close friends and introduce them to Ben.”

“They have actually been a couple since the fall, but she wanted to see how serious it was before she started to show him off to her inner circle,” the insider says. “She really likes him.” Pictures, please!

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