Scoop: Jessica Simpson’s dad tells Mayer to shut up 

After John Mayer humiliated former girlfriend Jessica Simpson by referring to their love life in Playboy magazine as being like “sexual napalm,” the one man who’s always been there for her — dad Joe Simpson — reportedly gave him a talking-to.

“Joe took it upon himself to call John up directly for a ‘man to man’ discussion,” a source told OK! magazine. “Joe didn’t tell Jessica ahead of time because he knew she’d object.” (There was no comment on this alleged conversation from either Simpson or her ex.)

“The conversation was pretty one-sided,” the insider said. “Joe told John that he’d best not even think of uttering Jessica’s name again.”

For the record, according to the source, “John did e-mail Jessica and tell her he was sorry if the interview offended her. But regardless of whether Jessica is willing to forgive and forget, Joe isn’t ready to make amends. He’s holding a massive grudge against John.”

The source added, “Joe didn’t like John when Jess was dating him, and likes him even less now.”

The usually verbose singer-songwriter “put up a feeble defense — he tried to reason with Joe that he was praising Jessica, not insulting her,” the source said. “But no father wants to hear from an ex-boyfriend about how hot his daughter is in bed, and Joe told John as much.”

True that. But then again, isn’t this the same Joe Simpson who crowed about his daughter’s double-D’s to the media?

Kourtney’s partner act

As Scoop! told you recently, new mom Kourtney Kardashian is rumored to be miserable in her relationship with baby-daddy Scott Disick, who’s said to have a serious wandering eye. But the on-again pair seemed to be the picture of romance as they posed on the red carpet at a Las Vegas nightclub event Friday. (Presumably, one of her 37 step- or half-siblings was watching baby son Mason.)

“Scott is my partner and we do everything together,” the reality TV star told People magazine. Indeed, they appeared affectionate and very much in love throughout the evening.

So, does she blow off the rumors? “Yes, of course. You can’t take it too seriously,” Kourtney said.

Really? Because we think if most people found out their partner was the subject of those kind of rumors, they’d take it pretty darn seriously.

Pam: Running late

Pamela Anderson may be the muse of designer Richie Rich, but she didn’t do him any favors by showing up nearly three hours late to his NYC fashion show last week. When he refused to start the show without her, the event was thrown into chaos.

“She showed up at 9:55 when the show was supposed to start at 9, and press people were there as early as 7 to interview her,” an insider at the NYC club that hosted the spectacle told the Daily News. “People were yelling at door handlers and getting incredibly antsy, especially because the standing room was so packed.

“Some guests started storming out at 9:30, when the start of the show was nowhere in sight.

The scene on the street was equally nasty: “They had shut the doors at 8:40, since it was so crowded, so there were guests on the street who couldn’t get in. They were outraged,” the source said.

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