Scoop: Is there a chance for Tiger, Elin’s marriage? 

Are things totally over between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren? Despite all the revelations of infidelity, “Tiger and Elin still love each other,” a source told MSNBC. “Although there is talk of divorce, and anyone can see there is a lot of work to do, they would both like to work this out,” the source declares.

Or not. A source tells the U.K.’s News of the World that Elin is “100 percent determined to split with Tiger.” To wit: When asked by reporters what the golf great got her for Christmas, she reportedly replied, “$300 million, thank you very much.”

“When [Elin] boasted of the $300 million Christmas gift and then laughed, it was clear to everyone around her that she’s more focused than ever about moving on with her life,” the British paper’s source explained. (Well, that certainly would give her enough seed money to start over.)

As for supposed sightings of Elin wearing her wedding rings again? TMZ notes that the rings in question look nothing like the ones she had previously sported — and the woman wearing them in photos happens to be standing next to the husband of Elin’s twin sister. So, you do the math.


Angelina: Open Relationship?

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the first ridiculous Brad-and-Angelina tabloid tale of 2010. A Star cover story trumpeting “Angelina’s cheating bombshell!” and saying she “comes clean about other lovers” actually turns out to say that she freaked Brad out by floating the idea of an open relationship.

“Angie’s been hinting that she’s interested in seeing other people for a while, but Brad has resisted,” a pal allegedly told the tabloid. The last straw was evidently when the “Salt” star mentioned seeing women as well as men. “When she openly said that’s what she wanted, Brad flipped out!”

Of course, as with all tabloid stories about Brangelina blowouts, this one ends with Brad storming off on his motorcycle — and this time he’s said to have been gone until morning.

This all seems rather spurious — something tells us that if Angelina wanted an open relationship, she’d have gotten one a long time ago.

Call Them — Connigny?

Kevin Connolly may be adding a new babe to his “Entourage.” The diminutive ladies’ man was spotted at NYC’s Nobu 57 with “Big Love” star Chloe Sevigny looking “very much like they were on a date,” per a Page Six gawker.

“She was very dressed up and looked stunning,” the source said. “They went outside for a cigarette, where they seemed clearly interested in each other.”

A word of caution to Kevin: Just because Chloe’s TV character is cool with her guy seeing other women, it doesn’t mean she is in real life.


Brooke Wants Reconciliation

Brooke Mueller wants hubby Charlie Sheen back — but her own mom doesn’t sound too sure that’s a wise move. When E! caught up with her, Moira Fiore relayed that her daughter “hasn’t spoken with him. But she wants to reconcile with him.”

So why hasn’t she reached out? Oh, right, that pesky restraining order barring the spouses from contacting each other, after Charlie allegedly threatened his wife with a knife on Christmas Day.

Asked how she feels about the couple trying to make their marriage work, the “Two and a Half Men” star’s mother-in-law confessed, “I have mixed emotions about it.” And what about the prospect of year-and-a-half-old twins Bob and Max being reunited with their dad? “I’d rather not comment about that.”

Brooke, when your mom won’t comment on whether your kids are better off without their dad, it’s really not a good sign. Just something to think about.

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