Scoop: Is Jason cheating on Britney with his ex? 

Britney Spears has settled into a stable long-term relationship with former manager Jason Trawick — but is he actually a “womanizer”? A new report claims he has been carrying on an affair with former personal assistant Jessica Steindorff.

According to Star magazine, she and Jason had ended a three-year romance when he started seeing Britney, but they soon began arranging trysts behind the pop star’s back.

“Jason has been cheating on Britney with Jessica from the beginning of their relationship,” a pal of the brunette beauty, an aspiring actress, told the tabloid. “He has deceived Britney with his lies for too long, and somebody needs to tell her the truth, even if it hurts.”

“He was always telling Jessica that he had broken up with Britney, so it was OK that they were sleeping together,” the friend said.

Offered as evidence: e-mails allegedly from Jason, including one in which he wrote, “Miss you. Best u left. Just wanted a kiss.”

The tabloid said Britney has become suspicious about the pair. Well, if she hadn’t already, no doubt she will now.

Unhappy birthday?

Oh, here we go again. “Angelina’s birthday ends in tears!” read OK! magazine, in the latest tabloid bid to break up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Supposedly, the couple had a massive blowout because the day before Angie’s June 4 birthday, Brad spent hours drinking beer and riding around in the back of a chauffeur-driven SUV — which doesn’t sound very environmentally conscious, but OK, OK!

“I don’t think Angelina knew where he went and that is probably why she got so mad,” a source told the tab. “There was some speculation that he was hoping to see Jennifer Aniston.”

In a moment that, had it actually occurred, we would’ve loved to see, a weeping Angelina devastated her six children by — gasp — canceling the next day’s plans to see “Sesame Street Live.”

“All the kids were looking forward to it,” the source said. “Afterward, Brad and Angelina had expected to do something romantic.”

But instead, “At the last minute, she told the staff the whole thing was off. She didn’t give any reason, just said that they weren’t needed and that she and Brad and the kids were going to stay home.”

Stage kiss

Robert Pattinson griped after the MTV Movie Awards that his awkward onstage kiss with Kristen Stewart — while, coincidentally, accepting the trophy for Best Kiss — “didn’t work,” and told the network that he “had the best ideas” for what to do, but they were rejected. (Um, not that the winners are tipped off in advance or anything.) So, what were Rob’s genius concepts?

“He did have some pretty funny ones,” “New Moon” co-star and rumored real-life love Kristen told MTV.

But when asked whether she wished they’d gone in a different direction, “The Runaways” star was quick to say, “No, no, definitely not. I’m really glad that we didn’t do his [ideas].”

“He wanted to be hula-hooping with a match in his mouth, and then he wanted to light a match while I was juggling and he was hula-hooping, and he wanted to put it in my mouth and see if we could make our way over to each other. It didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me,” Kristen said. “I was like, ‘I can’t juggle on stage in shoes. I can barely walk up the stairs.’”

Considering Kristen infamously dropped a previous MTV award on the stage after accepting it, we’re thinking she made the right call.

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