Scoop: Friends fear for Lindsay’s life 

Is Lindsay Lohan spiraling toward disaster? The once-promising actress — whose train-wreck tendencies have become a punch line — is so far gone that a professional source close to her reportedly told TMZ, “If she doesn’t get help soon, she’s going to die.”

According to the paparazzi site’s sources, LiLo’s loved ones have been trying to convince her to go to rehab for substance abuse, but she won’t listen to them or acknowledge she has a problem. Instead, she’s making excuses, as with the incident last week when she stumbled and fell to the ground — then blamed paparazzi for “pushing” her.

Unless she gets help ASAP, the insiders fear, something terrible is likely to happen to Lindsay.

Lately, it looks like the “Mean Girls” star’s erratic behavior is making her a pariah in circles where she once was a VIP. LiLo was barred from attending a star-studded Victoria’s Secret party at L.A.’s Trousdale on Thursday night.

“As soon as she strolled up to the door, the rope was quickly pulled in front of her,” a gawker told Radar Online. “She tried to pass the big bodyguard, but he blocked her way.”

Sounds like, at the very minimum, Lindsay needs to take some time off from the social scene — for a number of reasons. 


Tori: We're Good

You can relax now: Tori Spelling said those rumors about her marriage crumbling aren’t true. Despite footage from the upcoming season of “Home Sweet Hollywood” showing her fighting with hubby Dean McDermott, the actress turned reality TV star said divorce isn’t in their future.

“We’re a normal married couple, and I think it gets heightened when it’s in the press and you’re in the public eye,” the “90210” star said on “Access Hollywood.” “No relationship is perfect. No marriage is perfect. There’s ebbs and flows, and we go through struggles just like everyone else.”

So what about those clips, which show Tori saying she “want[s] the old Dean back”? Dean relied on the old selective-editing excuse every reality TV star uses: “They can take a little thing from your relationship and spin it into whatever they want.”

“It starts to feed,” Tori said. “The frenzy feeds and then it grows and grows, and today we’re [reportedly] divorcing.”

We wouldn’t exactly have called it a frenzy, but OK.


Sandra: ‘Devastated’

After laying low in Austin, Texas, to deal with the revelation of her husband’s (alleged) infidelity, Sandra Bullock returned to L.A. and is holed up at the Hollywood Hills mansion she bought before marrying Jesse James, Radar Online reported.

“There have been a few cars going in and out of her gate and people going in there in the last few days,” a neighbor told the Web site. “There has been more activity here in the last week than in the last year. It’s usually very quiet here.”

The star of “The Blind Side,” who’s said to be “devastated” by Jesse’s cheating, hasn’t appeared in public since the first of four women blabbed about having an affair with her hubby. And she hasn’t returned to the Sunset Beach home she shared with Jesse, who’s there with his children.

“She’s beyond upset ... and she has every right to be,” a source said. “She was on top of the world with her Oscar victory and now this. It’s such a difficult thing to deal with.”

Yeah, you might say that.

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