Scoop: Family and ex drama for Lindsay 

Apologies if reading this item gives you a sense of deja vu, but things are really getting out of control for Lindsay Lohan.
On Monday, Scoop! told you that her father, Michael, was threatening to take her to court if she didn’t sit down for a face-to-face with him (and his lawyer). 

Now, mom Dina says Lindsay and little sister Ali will take out restraining orders against their estranged dad.

“My children are petrified of him,” Dina told Us magazine, adding that they have temporarily fled Lindsay’s apartment since Michael barged in more than once. Even her landlord told TMZ he’s considering a restraining order.

Oh, yeah, and that’s not all: Last weekend, LiLo reportedly threw a drink at ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at L.A. hot-spot Trousdale, prompting the club to bar her from its premises (not the first time this has happened).

“Samantha was DJing and went to sit with her friends when Lindsay stormed over and threw a glass at her head,” an onlooker told Page Six. “Glass flew everywhere, and Samantha looked really shaken up. The club owner asked Lindsay to leave and was overheard saying she’ll never come back.”

Though her dad claims to be concerned about her well-being, Dina is in denial about her troubled daughter’s problems, said a TMZ source who calls LiLo a “lost cause.”

“Talking to Lindsay is like talking to a wall,” the former close pal said. “And if you ever say anything negative to her, she cuts you off.” 

It seems like Michael’s the only one willing to say she needs help — but the way he’s going about it is pushing her even farther away.

Big Spender

Although reports claimed Paris Hilton dumped beau Doug Reinhardt because he was using her, at least one pal is coming to his defense.

“Doug never used Paris. He spent $2 million on her over the course of a year and a half,” an insider told Radar Online. “She never once paid for a single thing.”

Doug, who’s himself an heir-head like his ex — his stepfather invented the frozen burrito, an act of genius which we heartily salute — is said to have treated the former “Simple Life” star to a lavish lifestyle that included jaunts to exotic destinations like Fiji and Anguilla.

“Doug even added her to his American Express credit card and she had carte blanche spending permission,” the source said.

“Plus, he would let her fly all the time on the Reinhardt family jet; even if she was on her own, Doug would charter it for her.”
That’s all very nice. However, we must point out that the reports claimed Doug was using Paris for publicity and fame, not money.

Kim: Dating a Bad Boy?

Kim Kardashian might be enjoying her new fling with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, but she shouldn’t get too serious about him, according to Life&Style magazine. The tabloid reported that friends are fearful for the socialite since she’s been spotted smooching a dude with a serious rep as a playboy.

“Women throw themselves at his feet,” a source said. “The last time Cristiano was in L.A., I saw three different women trying to push their phone numbers on him at once! He’s a huge celebrity, and he’s gorgeous too.” 

Well, Kim, watch your back. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as long as it lasts!

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