Scoop: Charlie Sheen ready to serve time in jail 

Charlie Sheen will cop a plea to a misdemeanor and serve time in jail to make felony domestic violence charges go away, an insider close to the case said. The “Two and a Half Men” star was arrested on suspicion of assaulting wife Brooke Mueller on Christmas.

“Charlie intends to go to court on [Monday to] plead to a misdemeanor and immediately begin serving his 30 days in jail,” the source told People magazine. “With good behavior, he could end up doing 15 or so days.”

This would mean he’d get the jail time out of the way well before his hit CBS sitcom starts filming its new season. And after serving time, the actor would not be placed on probation, the source said.

The big question about what will happen once he gets out of jail: Will Charlie and Brooke separate, as has been widely speculated?

Britney’s Spat

Uh-oh, this doesn’t sound good: Britney Spears, who’s been oh-so-stable of late, brought back the drama on a recent evening out with beau Jason Trawick. The pop star stormed out of the restaurant at L.A.’s Mondrian Hotel after a very public argument.

“Britney was rude to the waitress and then started arguing with Jason, saying she’d had enough,” a witness told the New York Post. “He was trying to calm her down, but she wasn’t in the mood. They had been sitting down for dinner, but just over 30 minutes into the meal, Britney decided she wanted to leave. She headed out of a back door of the hotel, with Jason following, still trying to calm her down.

“She looked furious. It’s clear there is trouble in paradise.”

Britney’s rep was mum on the incident.

Well, all couples fight, right? Right?

Gary’s Fall

What led to the fall that caused bleeding in Gary Coleman’s brain, ultimately leading to his death? A friend told Us magazine that the actor was exhausted from a four-hour dialysis session last Wednesday, and after driving himself home from the hospital, he slipped and hit his head.

“Dialysis had taken a lot out of him that day,” his friend told the tabloid. “He just wanted to go home, but he was pretty weak. He had no strength at all.”

The former “Diff’rent Strokes” star slipped into a coma. After being put on life support Thursday, he was pronounced dead Friday.

Gary’s wife, Shannon Price, said Friday that the family has been comforted by thousands of e-mails expressing condolences.

Spencer: Sane?

The split between Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt was apparently much more than a publicity stunt for her upcoming reality TV show. In fact, “the few people left in his inner circle fear Spencer has lost his mind,” a source told Radar Online.

To wit: The “Hills” villain allegedly once came to the door with tinfoil on his head. “He told me he was trying to signal aliens,” the source said.

“Their house was filled with crystals, and we’re not just talking small tiny ones,” the insider said. “They were everywhere, to the extent that Spencer actually owed $150,000 on two giant crystals he had delivered to the home. But one day when I came over, they were all gone. Spencer apparently couldn’t pay for them.

“We are all surprised Heidi has even been able to get away from him. Spencer is so far gone now, it’s almost like he’s on something ... because if he’s not, he’s really gone crazy.”

Uh, it sure sounds that way.

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