Scoop: Charlie Sheen in rehab after allegedly ‘slipping’ 

Charlie Sheen and his wife sure do have a lot in common. As Brooke Mueller switched rehab facilities after a privacy leak, her hubby announced in a statement that he, too, has entered rehab, temporarily halting production on “Two and a Half Men.”
The troubled actor said he sought treatment as a “preventative” measure. And this is an important qualification because, as TMZ reported, alcohol or drug use would violate the terms of his bail in his Christmas arrest. The paparazzi site’s sources also say Charlie decided voluntarily to go to rehab because he’d been “slipping.”

Meanwhile, Brooke has switched rehab facilities and reportedly plans to sue the first place she sought treatment because it leaked word of her stay to the media. (Charlie’s in a different facility altogether.)

Some reports claimed the couple’s infant twin sons, Max and Bob, are staying with her at the new facility. Other reports said child services has paid “routine” visits to check on the boys.

Let’s hope their parents can work out their own issues and give these kids the stable family environment they need.

Lindsay: Bottomed out?

Speaking of parents with issues, Michael Lohan — the poster boy for ’em — is once again blabbing to the press about his daughter Lindsay. Never one to pass up an opportunity to ride her coattails for media attention, Michael has responded to her candid interview with the U.K.’s Sun.

In it, she said the heartbreaking voice mails he shared with the public, which were taped a couple years ago, represented her at rock bottom before sobering up. But her dad, who maintains he’s only airing her dirty laundry out of concern for her, said she’s far from back on track.

“While I’m very happy that Lindsay is beginning to come clean, the truth of the matter is I went public when she hit rock bottom. She did not go rock bottom when I went public,” Michael told the Sun. “And while I find her admissions of her experiences with alcohol and cocaine to be noble, the real problem still exists with the prescription drug use that the so-called ‘addiction specialist,’ therapist and doctors are prescribing to Lindsay.”

“I will not stop [speaking out] until I finally get my daughter off of all the prescription drugs, which she never needed and doesn’t need, no matter how much I get bad-mouthed or slandered by the people out there who aren’t so perfect themselves,” Michael said.

Funny — he didn’t address the part of the interview when LiLo said she had first learned about cocaine from him.

Michael’s Last Moments?

Does a new recording capture the moments of Michael Jackson being found dead? A taped call purportedly from a Los Angeles Fire Department paramedic to the hospital seems to reveal that the star had already expired when emergency personnel arrived on the scene — and it contradicts the insistence of personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, now charged with involuntary manslaughter, that the King of Pop still had a pulse when he was put in an ambulance.

“Patient is Michael Jackson, the pop star singer. No pulse, no breathing. Unresponsive. Tried to resuscitate him.
Unsuccessful,” a voice on the recording said. “We’ve done everything we can. We should be there in five minutes. It doesn’t look good.”

A rep for the Fire Department couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the tape. Stay tuned. It’s been almost eight months since Michael’s death, and the mysteries surrounding his passing are only now beginning to unravel.

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