Scoop: Brit’s muscle claims sexual harassment 

Did Britney Spears make indecent proposals to one of her employees? The pop star has been accused of unwanted advances toward a former bodyguard. Fernando Flores, 29, reportedly quit last week after getting fed up with the “Womanizer” singer’s naughty antics.

Along with cavorting around the house naked, “she was always giving him the come-on, and he felt if he didn’t reciprocate he could lose his job,” a friend told the U.K.’s Sun. “He finally handed in his notice last week and is considering legal action.”

The source also said, “Working for Britney is tough. She’s a nightmare to deal with and her emotions are totally out of control. She runs round the house naked and yelling at staff. All her guards knew they could be removed if they looked at her the wrong way. Unfortunately for Fernando, she took a liking to him, so he was under more pressure than most. He wanted to be a good security guard and look after her, but the situation became unbearable.”
The tipping point came when Brit’s father, Jamie, who legally controls her comings and goings, issued a mandate that she not leave the house without a bra and underwear — and Fernando took the fall for a recent panties-free outing snapped by paps.

“Jamie went mental when he saw the pictures and Fernando was made the fall guy,” the insider said. “He was not fired, but told he was to blame. He had had enough.” Now, he’s reportedly considering a multimillion-dollar sexual harassment suit.
Look, everyone knows it takes a village to keep Britney fully clothed. Don’t take it all personal, dude.


Frosty ice queens

Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow used to be so close that the Oscar winner even comforted the pop icon during her divorce from Guy Ritchie.

But now that Her Madgesty is no longer talking in a faux-British accent, they’re no longer talking at all. After a 10-year friendship, they’ve had a mysterious rift, Us magazine reported.

“They don’t speak,” an insider said of Madge and Gwyneth.

“I can’t tell you exactly why they had the falling out,” the source said, “but Gwyneth can be jealous and competitive.”
Guess all that yoga didn’t exactly help mellow out either of these two Type-A A-listers.


School daze

Lady Gaga’s bizarro getup at her sister’s high school graduation wasn’t just one of her garden-variety surrealist fashion statements — it was a direct diss to the school she herself went to, friends told the New York Post.

The “Alejandro” singer sported a long black beekeeper’s hat and a see-through bodysuit that matched her skin tone. Did we mention this is a Catholic school?

The envelope-pushing pop star turned heads at NYC’s Convent of the Sacred Heart, and friends say she was willing to upstage little sis Natali, 17, just to get back at the learning institution where she didn’t fit in.
“Part of going to the graduation in that outfit was her showing the bullies that she has emerged like a swan, she has made something of her life and has found the freedom to express her creativity,” one pal said of Gaga, who graduated in 2004. “She’s a star, and she’s made it on her own terms.”

Well, surely we’ve all dreamed of experiencing that moment — minus the see-through bodysuit.

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