Scoop: Brad’s mom reportedly OK with Angelina at last 

Though she remains close with ex-daughter-in-law Jennifer Aniston, Jane Pitt has finally given her blessing to son Brad’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, OK! magazine reported. The Missouri mom and her hubby, Bill, have been spotted frolicking with Brangelina’s brood of six in Venice, where Angie is shooting, and evidently they’ve bonded with the kids’ mama as well.

“Jane had a hard time with Angelina at first, but she now accepts that her relationship with Brad is the real deal,” a source told the tabloid. “She has acknowledged that Jennifer isn’t coming back and realizes that she needs to treat Angie as a daughter and the mother of her grandchildren.”

This all sounds very warm and fuzzy. But since it’s intended to support the “Angie and Brad are finally getting married” story, we’re taking it with a grain of — no pun intended — salt.

Less Tension for Larry

We still have a hard time wrapping our mind around the idea of Larry King being embroiled in a sex scandal, yet that indeed seems to be the case. The 76-year-old TV and radio host’s seventh wife, Shawn, has accused him of having an affair with her sister — and he, in turn, suspected her of secretly seeing their son’s baseball coach, according to his sixth wife. (Are you following this?)

Julia Alexander King, who was married to the CNN host from 1989 to 1992 and remains in touch with him, told Radar Online that “Larry told me they both knew that each of them had others in their lives. I never asked him and he never told me who his ‘other’ was, but he knew Shawn was having an affair with the baseball coach. She practically flaunted it.”

The coach himself, Hector Penate, has come forward to confirm the affair, saying it started after Larry hired him in 2007.

Before their marriage, Julia said, Larry’s loved ones were “concerned that Shawn was in it for the money and celebrity, but he was in love. That’s over now. They will divorce, and Larry will marry again. Larry is addicted to marriage.”

But maybe he hasn’t quite kicked the habit of this one? After the pair were spotted last weekend smooching at their son’s baseball game, a source told Page Six, “It is strange, but it is almost as if the divorce filing has cleared the air. Things are so much better between them.”

This just gets weirder and weirder.

Kate: Not Missed

The press couldn’t understand why it took so long for Kate Gosselin to get kicked off “Dancing With the Stars,” and the show’s crew reportedly is delighted to finally see her go. The self-proclaimed average mom just trying to make a living for her kids actually issued diva decrees like — get this — forbidding staffers to look at her.

“Everyone couldn’t be more relieved” that she got the boot, a source on the set told E! Online. “We all had to walk on eggshells around [Kate]. At least we don’t have to worry about where our eyes can or can’t drift off to now.

“Kate just thought that everyone was out to get her. That’s why she had all of those crazy rules, like how she was to be approached.

“[The staff] felt bad for the bad press she got, but sometimes it was deserved! She was not an easy person to work with.”
No doubt the crews of her two upcoming TLC reality shows are thrilled to hear this.

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