Scoop! Angry Anna Nicole blasts ex-boyfriend 

Surely you didn’t expect Anna Nicole Smith to be calmly cooperative in the paternity suit over her daughter, Dannielynn. The model lashed out at photographer ex Larry Birkhead, telling him she’ll submit the baby to testing "in your dreams," according to

The Web site posted what it says is an instant message exchange in which Anna curses Larry out in unprintable terms. When her self-proclaimed baby-daddy implores her to "show up for the test with the baby" and "do the right thing," the recalcitrant reality star responds with "you wish" and "in your dreams." Anna maintains her lawyer and partner Howard K. Stern is her daughter’s father.

A court had set a Tuesday deadline for the test. But the order was temporarily blocked when Anna’s Bahamas-based legal team raised the issue of work permits for American doctors to perform the test — a concern that Larry’s lawyer called "a delay tactic."

Stay tuned — this isn’t over by a long shot.

More Than ‘Friends’

If this doesn’t grab huge ratings for Courteney Cox’s new TV drama, "Dirt," nothing will. Courteney’s former "Friends" co-star and real-life BFF Jennifer Aniston was already set to guest on the show, but now news of a juicy plot twist has leaked: The ladies will lock lips onscreen.

On the "Dirt" season finale March 27, Jen appears as a rival tabloid editor and nemesis to Courteney’s character, who also happens to be a lesbian. The two will kiss during the episode, reveals producer Matthew Carnahan. We’re so setting our TiVo!

Nick Lachey’s Life Advice

Cynics expected him to fade into obscurity following his divorce from "Newlyweds" co-star Jessica Simpson, but Nick Lachey has bounced back in a big way. His career has not only survived but thrived with the confessional album "What’s Left of Me," and he’s found new love with MTV VJ Vanessa Minillo.

So what’s Nick’s secret for getting through a life crisis intact?

"You have to always have a good perspective and a good attitude and always take the high road," Nick told People’s Web site Monday night while being honored with a Fun Fearless Male award from Cosmopolitan magazine. "You never want to look back and regret the way you acted."

"Certainly I had some tough times in the past year," the singer acknowledged. "Hopefully I tried always to take the high road and make the most of the situation."

Obviously, the good karma’s come back to him.

Naomi: No Witchy Woman

Naomi Campbell has refuted reports that she’s involved in a witchcraft-like sect. (Insert joke of your choice here.) After the New York Daily News reported on her attending a party for a spiritual leader of Brazil’s Candomblé sect, which includes rituals likened to witchcraft, the fiery supermodel called the paper to set the record straight.

"I’m Church of England, Protestant. I was christened that," Naomi reportedly explained. "I went to a party for a guy whose birthday it was. I don’t discriminate against what religion people have. That’s what he does, but it doesn’t mean I have to be involved in it."

The famously cantankerous catwalker appears to be turning over a new leaf. She has been named an ambassador to Rio de Janeiro and is involved in charity work in Brazil. And as for her infamous phone-throwing past, she’s "remorseful and regretful," Naomi tells the Daily News.

Since being sentenced to community service for hitting her maid with a flying cell phone, "I work on myself daily," Naomi says. "I work on my program of meditation and prayer and try to stick to it. It’s important to me." Let’s hope she succeeds, for her own sake and the sake of those within throwing range.

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