Scoop! Angelina and Brad plan for more kids 

OK, Angelina Jolie, we get it. Your life is perfect. Now do you have to keep rubbing it in? Even those of us whose last names aren’t Aniston are starting to feel slightly resentful.

A new interview with the U.K. edition of Elle finds Angelina gushing (for a change) about her perfect partner Brad Pitt and what a great dad he is to adopted kids Maddox, 5, Zahara, 2, and biological baby Shiloh, 7 months.

"He’s a really amazing father — he didn’t just become that around me," Angelina explains. "Some men have kids when they’re not ready, and some men know they want to take it seriously and wait until they’re absolutely ready."

And, boy, are they ever ready: "We definitely want a very big family," the Oscar-winning actress asserts. "It might seem crazy to build it so quickly. But if we’re going to have 10 kids, we’d like to raise them while we’re young."

Lest you think Angie’s account sounds too good to be true, Papa Pitt confirms that he’s totally on board the baby train. At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Brad told People that he and his baby-mama "always, of course," want more children. "We’ll let you know when we get there."

Nicole: More Pregnancy Rumors

Just when the buzz about Nicole Kidman’s supposed "bump" had died down, the actress has sparked a new wave of pregnancy rumors — by loading up on baby gear.

Nicole’s assistant recently ran up a huge bill ordering things for a newborn at the swanky L.A. baby boutique La Petit Tresor, reports the U.K.’s News of the World — and she charged it on Nic’s credit card.

If Nic is indeed pregnant, the joyful news would come at an awkward moment. Nicole hasn’t spent much time with husband Keith Urban in the past few months, as he’s been confined to a rehab center to treat his alcohol addiction. And just as the Aussie power couple reconnected in Sydney for the holidays, allegations surfaced of Keith having a drug-fueled affair with an American groupie during their engagement.

But perhaps the biological child that Nic (mom to two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise) has long longed for would bring her and Keith closer together. On all counts, time will tell.

Nicolette: Wedding on Hold

Already bought your outfit for Nicolette Sheridan’s wedding to Michael Bolton? Well, you’d better plan on staying the same size indefinitely. Though the "Desperate Housewives" star and the formerly mulleted musician pledged their troth last March, Nicolette says no nuptials are coming in the near future.

"I don’t have time for wedding plans anymore," the 43-year-old actress declared rather ominously at the New York premiere of her movie "Code Name: The Cleaner," reports People. "But we are extremely happy," she added quickly.

Suuure, that bodes well. Good luck, you two!

Britney’s Baby Battle

Just in case you couldn’t go a day without a fresh Britney Spears drama fix, here’s the latest: The divorcing diva has reached a temporary truce in her fight with Kevin Federline over custody of their two sons — at least through the end of the month.

While the boys (Sean Preston, 1, and baby Jayden James) will be based at Britney’s pad, the Fed-Ex has gained the right to visit them there three times a week, for four hours at a time, in the presence of Brit and staffers.

K-Fed is widely assumed to be using his kids as leverage in his bid to bilk Britney for more money than he’s entitled to per their pre-nup. Meanwhile, Britney has been roundly criticized for frequent late-night partying with two young’uns at home.

Are you listening, Brangelina? These disadvantaged children need you!

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