Scoop! Anderson, Richards sued for assault 

‘Blonde and Blonder" stars Pam Anderson and Denise Richards just got a bombshell dropped on them: They’re being sued by photographers who claim that Denise assaulted them during the film shoot.

In November, as you may recall, Denise got angry at a couple of shutterbugs for snapping pix of her and Pam at Vancouver, Canada’s River Rock Casino Resort. The lawsuit claims that the hot-tempered hottie "launched into a verbal tirade and a physical assault" on the two men "which lasted over 20 minutes" — and allegedly included quite a few unprintable names.

The paparazzi plaintiffs claim that Denise "snatched their laptop computers from their hands, and threw them over the balcony," where one struck "an elderly woman in a wheelchair."

The two actresses are charged with assault and battery, as well as defamation — for allegedly making false accusations to Canadian cops that the photogs threatened them with violence.

Angelina’s Brother Speaks

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Angelina Jolie and James Haven have been suffering from grief since their mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died.

Lately, photos of Angelina Jolie have aroused concern that the actress is getting too thin. Now her brother, James Haven, has reportedly come forward to reveal that grief over the recent death of their mother, Marcheline Bertrand, from cancer has indeed affected Angie’s eating habits.

"Angie has become very thin because she’s grieving," James explained to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. "It’s even difficult for her to eat. I keep saying to her, ‘Don’t forget to eat.’"

"But you know she doesn’t pay much attention to food anyway and she’s been going through a process of grief like me. She has not wanted to eat, nor has she been able to."

The siblings were extremely close to their mother, who James claims was mistreated by father Jon Voight, according to the tabloid. His "manipulative behavior," James says, "made us very sad and angry."

But her childhood pain was formative in making Angie the humanitarian she is today, says her brother: "Angelina and I saw my mum oppressed. Now we’re protective of women on their own and, of course, of children."

Love and ‘Glory’

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Will Arnett and Amy Poehler loved sharing time on the "Blades of Glory" set.

For real-life spouses, making movies together doesn’t always work out so well. But for cute comic couple Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, co-starring in the new Will Ferrell ice skating comedy "Blades of Glory" was a treat.

Amy explains to USA Today that "when we first started ‘SNL’ [her] and ‘Arrested Development’ [him], we were in different cities for three years." ("We saw each other twice," her hubby jokes.) So sharing a set was "super fun. It was nice to spend our off-time together."

While shooting the flick, Arnett recalls to the paper, "we skated together and we practiced together. You have to remember to treat each other like fellow actors. We had these moments where we’d shake each other’s hand and tell each other that it’s a pleasure working with you."

So would they everdo a film with a romantic scene? Amy says no: "I don’t think people want to see real couples making out. But any chance for us to spend more time together is good for us. And our parents are very pleased they only have to go to one movie."

Paul Rebounds?

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Sabrina Guinness has been seen out and about with Sir Paul.

Has Paul McCartney found a new lady love? The ex-Beatle, currently embroiled in an ugly divorce with "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Heather Mills, has been sighted with Brit beer heiress Sabrina Guinness, a 52-year-old socialite who dated Prince Charles in his pre-Diana days.

The possible new couple was seen in London with Paul’s designer daughter Stella (who famously loathes stepmom Heather) and her hubby, according to the New York Post.

But a rep insists of Sir Paul’s new companion, "There is no relationship beyond friendship."

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after the divorce settlement.

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