Scoop: A tribute to celebrity dads, good and bad 

We salute Hollywood’s most devoted pops — and shake a finger at a few who don’t deserve a necktie.


Hugh Jackman
Hardly a day goes by that we don’t see photos of the “Wolverine” hunk frolicking with his kids. Props for fitting in tons of quality time with an A-list career.

Ricky Martin
The single dad says his twin sons inspired him to be open about his sexuality, since staying closeted “would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with.” Being true to yourself is the best example a parent can set.

Seriously, is there anything cuter than seeing the crooner with wife Heidi Klum and their adorable four tots? On being a dad, he has said, “There’s no rehearsal. And it’s your most important gig.”

Ashton Kutcher
Acquiring three stepdaughters who had schoolgirl crushes on you could be awkward, but Ashton has truly become a second dad to Demi Moore’s daughters. Bonus points for getting along so well with their biological dad.

Bruce Willis
See above. It can’t be easy to see your ex-wife take up with a hottie half your age, but Bruce has welcomed Ashton’s presence in his daughters’ lives, demonstrating what a blended family at its best looks like.

Snoop Dogg
Not only is he a caring Doggfather to his own kids, the hip-hop superstar founded a youth football league and is hands-on involved — one player told The Wall Street Journal he considers Snoop “like a dad.”

Matt Damon
The one-time ladies’ man is now a low-key family man who eschews the Hollywood scene to spend time with his wife and daughters. “I think being a parent changes everything about you in really little ways, and in ways that you don’t really understand unless you have kids,” he has said.

Tom Cruise
OK, so little Suri is spoiled rotten — grown women are jealous of her closet full of designer duds! But though her famous father can be indulgent, he’s a totally present parent who makes time for frequent play dates and is a devoted soccer dad to his older kids.

Will Smith
It must be nice to have a father who can land you a role in a box-office blockbuster. We’re guessing that after “The Karate Kid,” Jaden won’t have to hit up his dad for money — ever.

Brad Pitt
The dad of six gushes effusively and often about how his children are the joy of his life. “It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever taken on,” he recently said of parenthood.


Jesse James
Even if reports that he’s using his kids to manipulate Sandra Bullock aren’t true, it still stinks that his cheating cost them an awesome stepmom.

Michael Lohan
Repeatedly announcing to the media that your daughter needs help is probably not the best way to help her — and neither is barging into her house with cops.

Jude Law

OK, so he’s financially supporting his Florida love child. But it would be nice if he actually wanted to have a relationship with her.

Jon Gosselin
We dread the day his kids are old enough to Google him and learn about his buffoonery. Imagine the bill for eight therapists.

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