Schumer's conspiracy theory: GOP sabotaging recovery 

As he unveiled his plan to spend lots of money and hope it doesn't fail once again to create jobs, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., offered Politico this line, which probably belongs on the Alex Jones show rather than in the United States Senate:

“And we need to start asking ourselves an uncomfortable question – are Republicans slowing down the recovery on purpose for political gain in 2012? … [N]ow it is becoming clear that insisting on a slash-and-burn approach may be part of this plan – it has a double-benefit for Republicans: it is ideologically tidy and it undermines the economic recovery, which they think only helps them in 2012.”

As long as Schumer is going to accuse Republicans of sabotaging the economy on purpose in order to hurt President Obama, perhaps it's worth asking what Schumer's motives  might be for putting forth such a poor and unpopular idea as a (by my count) third stimulus package. For example, if Democrats lose the Senate and Harry Reid relinquishes his party post as a result, Schumer would likely be a top contender for Minority Leader. If Obama loses, thanks in no small part to his hefty contribution to the nation's overspending and debt, then Schumer could even have aspirations for higher office.

Is there any grounds for my speculation here? Of course not. It's not even remotely appropriate. It has this in common with Schumer's fatuous comments.

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