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If I hadn't been beset by the perils of  modern technology, and my cell phone hadn't actually died, I would have told KGO radio listeners several ways today how they could help save a troubled transit system and one landmark San Francisco restaurant.

But now we turn to the non-audio portion of the program, to try and make it up to all those that we might have missed.

Readers of my column know that a petition is being circulated in San Francisco right now to put an initiative on the November ballot that would attempt to reform Muni by, among other things, changing the formula that guarantees that its drivers be the second-highest-paid operators of any transit system in the country. It would also allow management to negotiate new work rules, which have proved a hindrance to running Muni.

If for some reason you haven't seen one of the many signature-gatherers at a Muni stop, you can go to and request a petition. You can also sign up to collect signatures, give money or just share your myriad Muni thoughts.

On another front, local residents are working hard to make sure that officials from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area don't suffer a fatal public relations crisis by going forward with a plan that threatens to close Louis' restaurant, the iconic cafe above the Cliff House that has been run by the Hontalas family for the past 73 years.

The GGNRA recently informed the family that they would have to put in a competitive bid to keep the lease at the restaurant and local citizens have been signing petitions and going to a Facebook page to help Louis' remain exactly where and how it is.
You can find links to some of the sites just by surfing "Louis' Restaurant'' or you can go directly to the Facebook page. There is also a direct link to a page where you can sign the petition to save Louis', and it's at

And should you want to contact the owners of the restaurant directly, you can sent them an email at

The Hontalases are also holding a meet-and-greet event at the restaurant this Saturday (902 Point Lobos) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jacquelyn Hontalas told me to say that "all are invited,'' which means that the very busy restaurant could be even more crowded than usual.

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