Save care facility for Burlingame’s needy 

San Mateo County would be making a huge mistake if it closed Burlingame Long-Term Care Facility. We cannot afford to lose the 281 licensed MediCal beds there. Our local nursing homes are running at 91 percent capacity. Closure would mean placing county residents outside the county.

Burlingame Long-Term Care is a facility of last resort. In addition to serving frail elders, it is home to sizable populations of younger adults, mentally ill residents and homeless in need of long-term care. No other facility in the county will take these individuals. Where will they go?

Recent cuts in senior services include cuts to in-home supportive services that keep elders at home. Many will no longer be able to continue living independently at home and will be forced to move into long-term care facilities, most of them to nursing homes, further exacerbating the situation.

Tippy Irwin, San Mateo County Ombudsman, Redwood City

Williams is a class act

San Francisco wide receiver Kyle Williams is a stand-up young man. I greatly admire that he had the fortitude to answer all the questions by the press following the 49ers’ disappointing defeat by the New York Giants in the NFC championship.

Because of an injury to the 49ers starter, Williams, a rookie and sixth-round draft choice, was put in a difficult spot as the high-profile 49ers kick return man. And the Giants targeted him because he was known to have suffered four concussions.

The 49ers players have properly had Williams’ back, despite his mistakes in the game. And those who sent Williams those hateful, threatening online messages are among the lowlifes of the world who must be pitied and disregarded. Thanks to all the 49ers for a great and memorable season.

John M. Kelly, San Francisco

Insist on trained pros

It is disturbing when California laws allow professionals to do work they are not trained in. For example, architects and structural engineers are allowed to do each other’s work.

This is happening in earthquake country, where only trained structural engineers should be designing the support structure, and in a city with complex fire and planning issues only an architect should deal with.

It is even more disturbing that those not licensed to perform work — “designers” — are getting licensed engineers to approve their drawings. Along with contractors and expediters and others, they are allowed to negotiate building code and fire safety issues with municipal building departments.

For instance, an expediter representing a building owner had a tenant pay him and (badly) advised her how to achieve a second exit required by code. By the time an architect was brought in, the bad advice caused her to sign a five-year lease. But she was barred from using two-thirds of the rented space and lost her business.

Janet Campbell, San Francisco

Mar prioritizes popularity

The photo opportunity for District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar in Melissa Griffin’s Thursday column once again proved that Mar will introduce any foolish legislation to get newspaper attention and seek recognition for his ambitions to win higher office.

It appears as if name recognition is Mar’s top priority because it has the potential to get him votes. Too bad our District 1 neighborhood problems are left by the wayside.

Winston Austin, San Francisco

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