Sarah Palin Inc. 

Why did Sarah Palin resign from her position as Governor of Alaska? To get rich, according to the latest 6,000 word feature 'The Revolution Will Be Commercialized' published in the New York Magazine.

Sarah Palin is a singular national industry. She didn’t invent her new role out of whole cloth. Other politicians have cashed out, used the revolving door, doing well in business after doing good in public service. Entertainment figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and even Ronald Reagan have worked the opposite angle, leveraging their celebrity to make their way in politics. And family dramas have been a staple of politics from the Kennedys—or the Tudors—on down. But no one else has rolled politics and entertainment into the same scintillating, infuriating, spectacularly lucrative package the way Palin has or marketed herself over multiple platforms with the sophistication and sheer ambitiousness that Palin has shown, all while maintaining a viable presence as a prospective presidential candidate in 2012.?

Its an interesting read, but its difficult to take it serious as each page has a 'Palinized' popular corporate logo. All right, we get it, you think that Sarah Palin is a hollow but successful corporate sell-out.

Of course the author feels obliged to interview Levi Johnston who is still talking about his Playgirl photo shoot.

Johnston sipped a Diet Coke while picking at a plate of fried calamari, his preferred dish (“Every time I came here, I had the fish or something ’cause I was training for the Playgirl shoot,” he said when we first sat down).

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