Sarah McLachlan to play Oakland’s Paramount 

Yes, Seth Myers mocked it on Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live.”

But it truly is hard to look away from — or coldheartedly resist — that tearjerking PSA that Canadian softie Sarah McLachlan did for the ASPCA.

But just how many pets does she have, all told? “Just two right now,” swears the singer, who plays Oakland’s swank Paramount this Sunday. “We have Ripley, our chocolate lab, and Simba, our cat, but the kids are petitioning for more. But going on the road? I can’t manage anything more than two animals and two kids.”

Now that she’s wrapped her recent, rejuvenated Lilith Fair Tour, the Vancouver-based McLachlan — who was just nominated for three 2011 Junos in her homeland — is back out promoting her latest “Laws Of Illusion” set in a series of more intimate venues.

But the single mom says she’d trust an animal over a potentially treacherous human being any day. “And a lot of my friends are like that, too — animals are just pure love, pure need. ‘Feed me. Love me.’ It’s pretty simple.” The only species she can’t abide? “We had a whole bevy of snails, and they don’t last very long,” sighs mom, who usually gives in to her daughters’ odd-pet wishes. “But the snails had to live outside, because my kids would often bring them in, and we’d find them, weeks later. Crushed.”

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