San Mateo road rage incident straight out of urban legend 

In a case of road rage eerily reminiscent of urban legend, a man was threatened at gunpoint early Sunday morning in San Mateo for flashing his high beams at the armed driver, police said.

 The victim was on state Highway 92 about 12:05 a.m. when he was passed by a newer-model black Mercedes sedan with its high beams on, police said. The victim reportedly flashed his high beams when the Mercedes passed, then exited the freeway at Alameda De Las Pulgas.

 The Mercedes followed.

 When both cars were on Alameda De Las Pulgas, the Mercedes pulled in front of the victim and stopped suddenly, police said. The suspect approached the victim’s car while pointing a handgun and yelling.

 Then the gun-toting goon got back in his car and fled, police said.

 The victim, who was not injured, wrote down part of the license plate number.

 The Mercedes driver, who the victim could not provide a detailed description of, remains at large.

 Urban legend has it that gang members drive around without their lights on waiting for a victim to flash them. The car that does becomes a “target” in the “game,” which is said to be a “gang initiation” process where the car is fired upon.

 There are no known incidents where this has actually happened.

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