San Mateo company makes energy more affordable 

Beatriz Infante is the CEO of San Mateo-based ENXSUITE, a clean-tech company that specializes in helping clients such as Sears, Morgan Stanley and the city of Chicago develop and execute sustainability programs. Her career has included stints as CEO of Aspect Communications and VoiceObjects.

What is clean tech? Clean tech is really about improving energy efficiency. It’s about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s about helping companies to do that.

What does ENXSUITE do for its clients? We help them understand how much energy they’re using, how much they can or should reduce that energy over time and how they can achieve those reductions.

What is the biggest user of energy for most companies? It’s almost always electricity. Typically it’s between 70 and 80 percent.

Why do clients use your services? For most clients, first and foremost it really is about saving money. Energy is the second-fastest-growing cost in any company, right behind health care.

Is this a growing field?
It’s big, it’s a fast-growing market and we are well-positioned as one of the leaders in that space.

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