San Francisco’s best days are only a memory 

I have lived in San Francisco a long time and am fortunate enough to be long lived. But I see that something in San Francisco has been lost. What were formerly taboo, impolite, poor manners, illegal or immoral, today is part of modern culture.

Missing in San Francisco are the safe and clean streets, a citizenry that follows the law and respects our police.

I long for the former days when I felt free to roam San Francisco and its many places to go, where people safely carried money in their pockets and it was easy to get a paying job. It was safe to eat the fish I caught from the ocean beaches and on the Bay piers. Today all that is only a fond memory.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

SF life not for everybody

Most of my siblings and school chums moved out of San Francisco long ago. My nephews and nieces tend to stay away.

At our table, one of my wife’s East Bay girlfriends remarked that she couldn’t live in San Francisco because it’s too “wacky.” There was general agreement among everybody there.

Politicians Gavin Newsom and Chris Daly have fled to the suburbs.

Is there something I’m missing?

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Obama just another Bush

I never thought I would ever say this, but President Barack Obama is becoming just like President George W. Bush.

Just like Bush ignored his legal advisers regarding the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program, Obama has ignored the legal advice of his top lawyers in the Justice Department and Pentagon, who advised him to discontinue the war in Libya because it would violate the War Powers Act and he would need congressional approval to continue it.

He decided to continue military actions in Libya anyway, which does not bode well for America.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach

Ban tonsillectomy, too

So why does San Francisco have a ballot initiative on circumcision — carried out ritually by two minority religions — and pure silence on other controversial procedures with no religious alignments?

How about a ban on tonsillectomy, which is performed on over half a million American kids annually and increasingly is believed to be useless or worse?

Steve Dines, Menlo Park

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