San Francisco's 16th and Mission area must be cleaned up 

I would like to know who the district supervisor is for the area of Mission and 16th streets. It seems not one supervisor cares regarding this area.

Every day, there are drug sellers and vagrants at Mission and 16th sleeping on the benches, and drug sellers sitting on these benches pretending to wait for Muni.

The supervisor of this area should work with Mission Police Station Capt. Greg Corrales and the City Attorney’s Office. Nothing is being done to improve this area or stop this activity. The owners of all the hotels along Mission and 16th streets should be held responsible for letting drug sellers and prostitutes use their hotels.

The benches should be removed to order to clean up that area. Keeping these benches for vagrants to sleep on and drug sellers to sit on only makes it impossible for this area to be cleaned. This area looks like Civic Center now.

Carmen Castillo, San Francisco

Cable car too expensive

I live in San Francisco, just off the Powell Street cable car line. I never take the cable car because I feel that Muni is ripping the residents of San Francisco off with its $6 rate. I didn’t agree with $5, and now it’s $6.

Recently, I and two others walked over to Powell to catch the Hyde Street line over to Russian Hill for an early dinner. It was 6 p.m.

The cable car that arrived was packed, and the conductor yelled out they could take two passengers. There must have been 10 of us standing there.

Another car came along about 5 minutes later announcing the same full capacity.

Muni, your job is to transport people. How about you do something not entirely brilliant, just a bit logical — like, between the hours of 5 and 9 p.m. on weekends and holidays, you run more cars?

Sandy Leverenz, San Francisco

Not all schools are failing

An article in Sunday’s San Francisco Examiner (“Parents weigh private schools after cuts”) says that mom Chris Miller sent her daughter to live with family in another city because of the “failing schools in San Francisco.”

I’m so sick of reading that tired phrase about San Francisco’s public schools. As a public school parent, I’ve seen that this is just not true. Seems to me that Miller sent her daughter away because she could not get her into their local school.

The reporter could have said the mom rejected the school to which her daughter was assigned because that particular one was failing, but to say she moved her because of the failing schools in San Francisco seems inaccurate and irresponsible.

Julie Benningfield, San Francisco

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