San Francisco woman charged with DUI while having sex in car 

Talk about sex drive!

A 20-year-old San Francisco woman who was reportedly caught having sex in the driver's seat of her car was charged with a DUI after she drove forward about 20 feet while police were approaching the vehicle, according to prosecutors.

The woman is facing several misdemeanor charges in connection with the July 1 incident.

Police officers said they pulled up behind the vehicle about 10 p.m. that night because it was parked illegally in the 800 block of Geneva Avenue. An officer approaching the car noticed a man on top of a woman in the driver's seat engaged in "thrusting motions," court documents say.

While the officer approached, the man hopped off the woman and retreated to the front passenger seat. The woman then allegedly put the car in drive and rolled about 20 feet forward while the cop commanded her to stop.

Three bottles of liquor were found in the car that were either empty or nearly empty, police said, including Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey and MD 20/20 wine.

The woman's blood alcohol level was above the legal limit of 0.08, police said, but it did not matter since she is under 21 anyway.

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