San Francisco turns blind eye to illegal rental units 

I read with interest the Monday story on the illegal rental unit added onto a Sunset district single-family home. Not so much because of the alleged safety violations noted, but because these conversions are so common that most people assume that The City has turned a blind eye to them.

The politics of illegal units is simple. The more renters, the more that local politicians can get their votes via rent control and other renter-friendly legislation. Given that many city supervisors have shown by their legislative priorities that they consider single-family home ownership a threat to their power base, I was surprised that this conversion ever found itself on City Hall’s radar screen.

Matt Mitguard
San Francisco

Give SFPD due credit

San Francisco should be thankful to have a police chief like Greg Suhr. He stands by his men when they’re in the right, and by doing so he has lifted the morale of the SFPD. How can so many people be so eager to condemn the police department before all the facts are in?

Don’t they want to live in a safe and peaceful environment instead of sheltering  convicted felons and suspected murderers? When these protestors are in danger, perhaps they should give a 911 shout-out to the ACLU. But if my life is in danger, give me an armed police officer.

J. Perry
San Francisco

Carpool decline not a loss

The San Francisco Examiner had a little blurb last Tuesday regarding the decline of carpool use over the last 30 years. Too bad, another social-engineering program sponsored by the nanny state has failed. What a surprise that people are totally fed up with all the laws and regulations telling them how to live their lives. When all the nanny lawmakers finally get what they want, who will still be left for them to make miserable?

John Parry
San Mateo

Fights are far too violent

Oh, how I long for the days when the most troublesome harm to strike young people was a hand-propelled rock. Knives were for playing Daniel Boone and guns were for emulating Roy Rogers or Hopalong Cassidy in mostly safe and friendly circumstances.

What has happened to a simple fisticuffs for the settling of trivial matters? I think violence has a great deal to do with the Norwegian mass killer’s hated “clash of cultures.”

William J. Coburn
San Francisco

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