San Francisco should expect fallout from Japan 

The two atomic bombs America dropped on Japan at the end of World War II, ushering in the Atomic Age as it devastated people in two cities, has come back to America in 2011 in the form of radioactive rain from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Plans in Japan are to begin a cleanup of the radioactive contamination this spring, with a goal of cutting the radiation level in half within two years.

The evacuation area around the plant was 100 square miles, and after the cleanup, only two-thirds of this area will have radiation low enough for residents to return to their homes.

In the other one-third of the area, 33.5 square miles — less than San Francisco’s 47 square miles — the radiation is so high, current technology will be unable to bring it back to safe levels.

Meanwhile, the radioactive rain will continue in America, and by next year, the debris from the earthquake and tsunami will be washing up on West Coast shores, including San Francisco beaches.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

Alternative rail solutions

Japan, China and Europe have benefited greatly from high-speed rail, because densely populated areas want fast mobility. Although the idea sounds great for a U.S. application, how many people really want to travel quickly between L.A. and San Francisco?

If the big push is for jobs, what about having engineers figure out how an elevated train can cross San Francisco? It works great in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and many other cities. After all, aren’t people looking to get cars off the streets of San Francisco?

Theodore Carl Soderberg
San Francisco

Treat Mirkarimi fairly

It is laughable how Judge Susan Breall has the chutzpah to say she is not going to give Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi “special treatment,” when in reality he is not being treated like an ordinary citizen.

There is absolutely no indication that his family cannot be safely reunited. On the contrary, I am confident the sheriff is factually and legally innocent, and indeed public tax dollars are being wasted in the persecution and prosecution of the sheriff.

And if the accused was not our elected sheriff, he would be home with his family, and charges would not have been filed on such flimsy, hearsay evidence.

Tami Bryant
San Francisco

Don’t vote for Gingrich

I just read that Sarah Palin is urging people to vote for Newt Gingrich.

Thanks, Sarah, but I had no idea you were working for the Democrats, although you have done a lot for them in the past just by opening your mouth!

Or, perhaps it’s that you don’t understand that Newt will be even easier for President Barack Obama to take down than Mitt Romney?

Jorg Aadahl
San Mateo

Castro is right about GOP

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro makes sense for a change.

He accurately assessed the GOP presidential race as one dominated by “idiocy and ignorance.”
Perhaps he’ll be a commentator on MSNBC soon. They haven’t been the same since Keith Olbermann left.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach

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