San Francisco residents call for end to concerts in Golden Gate Park 

Let’s thank San Francisco Recreation and Park Department for another three days of noise, garbage, traffic and parking problems.

When are they going to learn that Golden Gate Park is not the place for holding events such as the Outside Lands “festival”? And now I find out that Hardly Strictly Bluegrass will be three days this year, too.

I am willing to bet that no one from Rec and Park actually lives in the area, so they don’t know first-hand what we have to deal with. They got their $1 million to turn a blind eye.

The Sunset and Richmond residents who have to put up with this are fed up. We want no more concerts. I want to know what our supervisor from District 1 is going to do about this. Instead of working with his constituents, he’s worried about toys in Happy Meals. I went to work this morning and found garbage strewn all over the streets.

Al Wong
San Francisco

Check out BART saboteurs

The Federal Communications Commission should drop any investigation and the ACLU should drop any consideration of suing BART for shutting down its cellphone reception to keep protesters from disrupting service, as reported in the Aug. 16 San Francisco Examiner. There is a difference between free speech and inciting riots or other illegal activity.

The anarchists who pose as legitimate protesters should not be allowed to inconvenience thousands of people. BART needs to keep its schedule for the people going to or coming home from work.

The FBI, along with all other U.S. investigative agencies, should track down the criminals known as Anonymous and lock them up for a very long time. The investigative agencies should seek the assistance of high-tech companies if necessary.

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

Stop mayoral mudslinging

The San Francisco mayor’s race is starting to look like an LLP — Lee, Adachi, Yee, Chiu, et al., has a nice ring to it.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi now jumping into the race will help to stop the recent negative campaigning and whining about Mayor Ed Lee from some of the other candidates. The result will be to force all candidates to focus on addressing the issues and problems confronting our city.

Anh Le
San Francisco

Sad charter school denial

It was sad to read here that San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Carlos Garcia rejected a nonprofit charter school with a record of success at teaching students in challenging neighborhoods.

It seems as though he is afraid the charter school will succeed where the SFUSD has failed. Unfortunately, it will be the kids who miss out on a quality education.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

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