San Francisco police officer takes Bayview teens on educational trip to Africa 

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A San Francisco police officer has put together a program to help black youths in The City connect with their African heritage.

Officer Jason Johnson, a six-year veteran of the force, works with youths in the Bayview and put together a program called Operation Genesis.

The idea of Operation Genesis is to show black youths the sacrifices and struggles their ancestors went through on their journey from Africa to America.

Johnson will be escorting seven youths, aged 14 to 18, on a trip to Accra, Ghana, in Africa on Friday, police Sgt. Eric O'Neal said in a statement. The trip will last nine days and the members of the program will learn the history of their ancestors and meet with local youth in Accra to exchange the differences between life in America and Africa.

"Operation Genesis hopes to make education a pivotal point in the lives of these youth," O'Neal said.

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