San Francisco needs a thriving business community 

San Francisco’s high taxes and numerous mandates have caused many businesses to leave The City.

Voters need to understand that if you want a healthy tax base to support city services, you have to have a thriving private sector to produce those taxes.

But many so-called progressives in San Francisco seem to be in denial about that reality. Or worse yet, they actually have a hostile attitude toward the business community. As long as that attitude prevails, businesses will continue to leave, the tax base will shrink, and quality of life in San Francisco will spiral downward.

Hopefully, the voters will show more sense than that and realize that electing supervisors who believe in a healthy private sector is a necessary foundation for a healthy public sector.

E.F. Sullivan
San Francisco

Lawyers no gas-price fix

The Mideast is in turmoil, but we are not allowing drilling in the Gulf of Mexico nor in Alaska. Oil, gasoline and food prices are going through the roof. We won’t allow nuclear power generation to expand. Close to one out of five Americans are out of work. The value of the dollar is shrinking.

In response to the above, President Barack Obama is sending lawyers to investigate gasoline price gouging.

Does he think that adding more bureaucrats is going to help our financial mess? Is he getting bad advice, or is he getting good advice and not listening?

Does our president really think that lawyers can solve our problems?

Keith C. De Filippis
San Jose

Get tough on Libya now

President Barack Obama’s continuing indecision on Libyan policy gets more costly by the day.

While Obama demands that Moammar Gadhafi “must go and go for good,” he insists the United Nations mandate must be honored to “protect civilians ... and not remove Gadhafi by force.”

It is in our national interest to see Gadhafi gone, and the most humane policy is to see that goal swiftly achieved to reduce Libyan suffering and the risks of stalemate and prolonged civil war.

Faint American leadership is only contributing to more civilian starvation and human butchery.

Jim Hartman

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