San Francisco makers get ready for Red Bull Creation 

As team leader of San Francisco’s Tech Shop, Charlie Nguyen and his group of metal workers, architects and robotics guys are one of 16 teams nationwide that will compete in this year’s Red Bull Creation, a 72-hour maker marathon that kicks off in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Thursday.

What does it mean for the Tech Shop to be competing in the Red Bull Creation?
I’m really excited. It’s a really awesome way to promote the maker scene and community.

What was your foray into the maker world? In school, I studied a lot of technical theater, and that led to the film and television world in Los Angeles, where I was for the last seven or eight years working in the art department. Then I went into the special-effects world, which really got me back into figuring out how things work and how you can make them cooler.

What do you expect from the grueling 72-hour making frenzy that looms? On Thursday at noon, we’re going to get a topic, and we have no idea what that topic is. Then we’ll have 72 hours to take the skill sets we have and build something that is technically impressive as well as architecturally beautiful. And hopefully we’re going to win.

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