San Francisco has its own ‘tamer, nicer’ Wikileaks 

Some interesting documents that shine a spotlight on insider business at San Francisco City Hall have been turning up in the news lately — the most notable being an internal poll by the SFMTA on a massive streets bond headed for the November ballot.

Interestingly enough, that poll first showed up on a website set up by Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, whose campaign for San Francisco mayor is based on the phrase, “Reset San Francisco.”

We talked to Ting’s campaign manager, Eric Jaye, to get the scoop on the scoop, and he told us they’ve got even more documents they’re getting ready to release as part of its Reset Revealed series. He then compared Reset San Francisco to the now infamous clearing house for confidential documents.

“It’s a kind of tamer, nicer Wikileaks,” Jaye said.

But if Reset San Francisco is the new Wikileaks, does that make the mild-mannered Ting anything like the embattled founder of Wikileaks?

“He’s nothing like Julian Assange,” Jaye said. “He’s nicer and more polite.”

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