San Francisco has done much to address homeless issue 

I have read your Friday cover story, “Hopeless with homeless.” As the chair of San Francisco’s Homeless 10-Year Plan, which was implemented in June 2004, I just have to say that San Francisco has permanently housed, with medical support, more homeless people than any city in this nation.

Our city departments have done a great job. Will homeless people disappear completely? Not likely in this economic time. But San Francisco has done a great job and will continue to do a great job with limited funds.

It is important to recognize, as the nation does, that San Francisco has done a great job in housing the homeless, though we will always have much more to do.

Angela Alioto, San Francisco

War debt is real problem

The Oct. 9 op-ed by Jeffrey H. Anderson of the Pacific Research Institute tries to make the argument that it is the entitlements of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that are causing our annual deficits. The piece also would have us believe that Americans are paying more than enough in federal taxes as it is. All this is nonsense.

We are having annual deficits because we continue to not pay for our wars or our increased spending on our military and other “national security” obligations. And because we started doing this under George W. Bush in 2001, we now are racking up about $450 billion in annual payments on our debt. Blaming the entitlements for the mess we are in is a smokescreen, if not a lie.

George Fulmore, Concord

Holiday tickets a bad idea

After reading in this newspaper about how the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency deems it fit and necessary to enforce metered parking during holidays, I have to ask if it really is a good policy to do that.

I think it is bad policy to charge on holidays because it sends a message of “We appreciate your money, but we don’t appreciate consumers like you.” Think about the fact that SFMTA has to pay its enforcement officers holiday salaries and possibly overtime as they zip around in their scooters, writing tickets.

Labor costs will be high compared to the revenue that is brought in from holiday citations. Quit nickel-and-diming people to death and make San Francisco a more consumer-friendly place to go.

Edmund Lee, San Francisco

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