San Francisco foodie wants to help you eat well on the run 

Nona Lim, the founder and chef of San Francisco-based organic gourmet meal delivery service Cook!, explains how it provides a service for people who want to eat fresh, healthy, gourmet food, but who are under time constraints.

Why was Cook! set up? I lived and studied in London for eight years and then when I came to San Francisco, I found that there was wonderful produce here, but people didn’t know how to put easy, healthy gourmet meals together.

Tell me about the Real Detox program. It’s based on Dr. [Mark] Hyman’s UltraMetabolism diet. It’s all about how your diet can be a very important part of your health. The program takes out junk and sensitivity foods. We believe that detox is a natural process, but too often we overload our bodies with toxins and unhealthy foods and so we need a little help.

What is the philosophy that you work by? There are three main parts. We want to redefine fast food. It’s possible to have healthy, organic gourmet food that’s convenient. Secondly, fruit is the best medicine. And thirdly, we want to bring back the joy of cooking.

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