San Francisco company reviews variety of online services 

Erik Larson started San Francisco-based company NextAdvisor in 2006. The company reviews online services in any number of categories from credit monitoring to online backup services to diet programs.

Do you rate local companies? Not exclusively as it’s based online at and is available to anyone in the United States.

Where do you gather the information from?
We sign up for all of the services and have in-house editoral staff that try them out and write reviews based on their experiences.

How do you think people benefit? It really helps people decide which services are best for them without having to go to any major time and expense. Customers use our research to make better buying decisions that make sense. All of the information is on the website and sometimes customers have only heard of one or two of our options before going online.

What interesting features do you have? Customers can ask questions and we try to answer as many as possible on our blog. We also did ratings on online meal delivery diet services. We blind-tested the food and rated which tasted best.

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