San Francisco company helps you fight spam, phishing and viruses 

Jamie de Guerre, the chief technology officer of San Francisco-based Cloudmark, has been leading his Internet-savvy troops in a fight against spam, phishing and viruses. Cloudmark currently protects 1.6 billion subscribers from having their emails hacked.

What is Cloudmark’s main purpose? Cloudmark essentially provides security products to large carriers and operators. Our overall goal is ridding the world or protecting users from any kind of malicious-messaging traffic that might be spam, viruses or frauds ... like phishing.

How important is it to be protected when surfing the Net? Today, a ton of our communication is done through digital means. Whether it’s email, [text] or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, surprisingly there’s a ton of malicious attackers that are constantly trying to get scams through to the user.

Has Cloudmark launched any new updates recently? The big new update for us recently has been launching a security suite for mobile operators. We are all used to getting viruses and spam on our computers, but that’s a new problem on our mobile phones. If you receive a message from someone you aren’t sure of or if they are asking for information they aren’t sure about, treat it with the same caution you would when using your computer.

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