San Francisco ballot thief won’t say he’s crazy — or anything else 

Karl Bradfield Nicholas, the former San Francisco poll worker who stole dozens of ballots on Election Day, has continued his silent treatment of the justice system, snubbing the judge, his attorney — and now the doctors tasked with determining if he is crazy.

On Monday, a hearing to assess the results of court-ordered medical evaluations of Nicholas was stifled after doctors said the defendant refused to speak with them.

The silence has prolonged Nicholas’ stay in jail. He could have been released more than a month ago if not for his bizarre courtroom behavior. On July 11, the eve of his possible release, Nicholas was thrown back into the cell after giving the judge the silent treatment.

In December, Nicholas pleaded guilty to a felony charge of taking about 75 ballots and a poll list from a District 11 polling place Nov. 2. But four months later, he tried to withdraw his guilty plea in a motion that was denied by Judge James Collins.

At a July 5 hearing, he was tackled by sheriff’s deputies after yelling at his attorney, Stuart Blumstein, and another judge. At the time, his attorney was trying to get Nicholas released from jail on his own recognizance.

Then on July 11, he took the opposite approach and gave the judge the silent treatment.

On Monday, Nicholas twice refused his attorney’s attempts to speak with him. Since he won’t talk to doctors either, Nicholas will remain in jail until at least Aug. 18, when Judge Anne Bouliane will decide how to proceed in the case.

Nicholas has beef with the San Francisco Department of Elections’ hiring practices. According to his attorney, Nicholas says elections officials should not employ people under age 18, especially if they are illegal immigrants.

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