Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron split after just two months 

After just two months, the romance between Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron has run its course, Us reports. Though there’s only a two-year age difference (he’s 34, she’s 36), the tabloid claims it was biological-clock timing that doomed the fledgling relationship.

“He only wanted something casual, but she’s in a rush to settle down, have kids and start a family since she’s getting older,” a source explained.

The Oscar-winning actress “didn’t take it very well when he broke it off,” noted the insider. “She knows deep down that it wouldn’t have worked, but she is pretty bummed out about it all.”

But allegedly, even if Charlize wasn’t on a different baby-making schedule, the pair might have had trouble coordinating their work schedules.

“They’re both too busy,” a source close to the actress explained. “And they were hardly ever together anyway.”

Seriously? If these two hotties couldn’t make time for each other, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Brangelina On Ice?

Is it already time for our weekly fake-Brangelina-breakup report?

OK! is really going full steam ahead with its ongoing story that Brad Pitt is getting close to a so-called “mystery woman” on his latest film set — and now the tabloid is alleging that he and Angelina Jolie are effectively leading separate lives.

The tab claims Angie flew from L.A. to London to confront her baby daddy about the “mystery woman,” who is actually a production assistant on his shoot.

“Brad doesn’t like Angie crowding him and acting jealous,” a source allegedly said. “She hoped they’d spend time reconnecting, but it hasn’t happened. Brad despises confrontation — when there’s friction he prefers to run away.” (What, no tale of him jumping on his motorcycle and riding away from the family?)

“Angie tries to shield the kids from the tension, but they pick up on the vibes,” added the source. “They miss having their dad around.”

“It gets worse by the day,” said an insider. “They’ve gone from seriously planning a wedding to ice cold.”

Oh, really? We don’t believe they were ever seriously planning a wedding, and we don’t believe they’re “ice cold” now.

Revenge Served Hot?

Is Jennifer Lopez already caught up in a “revenge romance”? According to Life&Style, although the actress has only just separated from husband Marc Anthony, she appears to be getting along quite well with her “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” co-star, Rodrigo Santoro.

“There is amazing chemistry between them,” a source on the set told the tabloid. “Jennifer can’t get over how hot Rodrigo is.”

On the shoot, “Rodrigo and Jennifer were giving each other little love taps between scenes,” said an onlooker. “They are very playful with each other and clearly comfortable in each other’s company.”

“Jennifer doesn’t like to be alone — she likes to have a man around,” a friend — stating the obvious — told the tabloid. “And Rodrigo is exactly her type!”

Hmmm … do you see this going anywhere?

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