Ryan Phillippe will take care of child – if it’s his 

Ryan Phillippe might be having a third child soon. The “Crash” star, who has two children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon, might have conceived a child with a former gal pal, Alexis Knapp.

The gorgeous brunette model-actress — a departure from Ryan’s usual type, gorgeous blonde actresses — is “in the second trimester,” a source told Us magazine.

“Ryan doesn’t know if he is the dad,” another source said. “If he is, he will take full responsibility for the child.”

TMZ sources said Ryan will “gladly” take a paternity test — but wants to wait until the child is born, to avoid the slight risk of miscarriage in a prenatal paternity test. And though the website claimed the two were never in a serious relationship, he’s willing to step up and take care of the kid if he is indeed the father. The baby is reportedly due in June.

Wonder what Ryan’s current flame, Amanda Seyfried, thinks of all this.

Courteney still single

Despite rumors she’s secretly seeing her “Cougar Town” co-star, Courteney Cox said she isn’t dating anyone.

“I have no desire right now,” the actress, who separated from husband David Arquette after a decade of marriage, told Bazaar magazine. “I’m not saying never; it just seems weird [now]. I don’t even know how that would happen or how you meet people. I don’t like to go out. I’m not great at small talk. ...

“There’s a sign on my forehead: exiting social life, entering into isolation.”

Is there a chance she and her hubby might still reconcile?

“If [the marriage] doesn’t work out, I will have huge waves of pain about failing in that department,” the actress said. “But right now, I don’t have that because I don’t know what the future holds and I guess because I have strong feelings for him.”

She’s not even mad at him for sharing intimate details of their relationship with Howard Stern on air.

“If you know who David is, you know what his intentions are, how honest he is, and how big his heart is,” Courteney said. “You can’t really get mad at David because he’s not a malicious person.”

And they’re still very much a team when it comes to parenting.

Daughter Coco is “our No. 1 priority,” Courteney said. “No matter what happens, she’ll be OK because she knows that she is completely safe, loved, and we’ll protect that more than anything in the world.”

OK, can these two please get back together already?

Leave Bieber alone!

Saying Justin Bieber’s fans are obsessive is like saying Charlie Sheen has some issues. But the tween icon’s fans are really getting out of control lately.

Two of them reportedly snuck into his room at a U.K. hotel, having stolen housekeeping uniforms. The “Baby” singer wasn’t in the room at the time, because he was elsewhere in the hotel hiding from a mob of crazed fans.

And it gets worse. Since going public about her romance with the Biebs, Selena Gomez has been getting death threats, according to Star magazine.

“Selena’s terrified,” a source said. “She’s only young, and when she sees things written about her, she understandably freaks out.”

Someone needs to contain this virulent outbreak of Bieber fever!

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