Rubio on Miranda rights 

While in Washington, D.C., today for fundraising events, Marco Rubio was asked whether Faisal Shahzad, the alleged Times Square bomber, should be Mirandized.

His initial response was ambivalent. "It all depends on how they're going to try him. And that's an important question that we're facing," Rubio said. "That's one of the great challenges of the war on terror."

He said that "after 9/11, the primary goal of our war on terror is to prevent future attacks" — not merely to convict terrorists. "And the problem with Miranda," Rubio said, "is that it prevents you from accessing information" that can prevent future attacks.

Rubio continued to talk about the dangers of Mirandizing terrorists--cautioning that he was speaking in "generalities"--but concluded by suggesting that Shahzad didn't necessarily have the right to be Mirandized.

"If this individual has information that could help us prevent future attacks and loss of life nothing should stand in the way of that, including Miranda," said Rubio.

Whether or not Shahzad should be Mirandized is complicated by the fact that he is a U.S. citizen apprehended on U.S. soil. John McCain and Rep. Peter King think he should not be Mirandized, while other conservatives disagree. Time reports that Shahzad "was interviewed by the FBI under the Public Safety Exception rule before being read his rights."

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