Romney's PAC funding Maine candidates 

In an interesting and very under-reported development, Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has tossed his PAC money into several Maine races. Pine Tree Politics, the only site that picked this up, has quite a good piece on the development.

Romney has backed the two Republican House candidates Levesque and Scontras, as well as giving the maximum donation to LePage for Governor.

It is yet to the be determined how the “no outside money” purists that inhabit parts of the Maine Republican Party will react to this. Libby Mitchell is on the receiving end of a lot of criticism for taking lots of money from outside of Maine.

What is more interesting in the House races is the fact that both Republicans are against Obamacare. Of course Romney is a moderate who introduced Romneycare in Massachusetts which was a template for Obamacare.

This is what Levesque clearly states on the front page of his site.

““Government takeover and/or spending will never be a solution to our health insurance problems.””

Over at Scotras’ site he hasn’t updated since the passing of Obamacare however his feelings are clear.

“While we certainly must do something to rein in the cost of health care, the answer can't be found in either the House or Senate versions of the current health care bill circulating through Congress. After all, we've already tried the governmental route here in Maine. DirigoHealth is costing Mainers tens of millions of dollars to insure less than two percent of the people of this state. What makes anyone think it will work on a larger scale?”

Now its true there is not that huge a pool of political money, especially in these lean years, for Republican candidates. Its just interesting to see these candidates taking money from someone who is a “moderate” and very much part of the political establishment.

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