Romney's "Obama isn't working" campaign comes to Allentown 

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will hold a press conference at the now-shuttered Allentown Metal Works factory in Pennsylvania today. President Obama used the same factory, then open, as a backdrop to promote his $814 billion stimulus plan in December of 2009.

The Romney campaign released a web ad to coincide with the news conference titled "Obama Isn't Working: Allentown, PA." The Obama Isn't Working tag line is a continuation of a series of web ads Romney has been placing throughout the web that plays off of British Prime Minister's Margaret Thatcher's 1979 campaign "Labour Isn't Working."

Pennsylvania has not gone Republican in a presidential general election since 1988 and Obama won the state by ten points in 2008. But Obama's job approval rating has suffered in Pennsylvania and two recent polls place his disapproval rating above 50%.

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