Romney launches presidential bid by ripping Obama 

Like all presidential campaign announcements, Mitt Romney's was a pseudo event, because we all knew it was coming for years. Nonetheless, there are certain things we can tell from how a candidate decides to announce.

To start with, the fact that Romney decided to make the announcement in New Hampshire reinforces the fact that he's going to be concentrating his campaign on winning that state, as opposed to last time when he spread his resources around and focused a lot of attention in Iowa, which he ended up losing anyway.

It was also clear that Romney would attempt to make President Obama the issue as much as possible so as to focus on areas of agreement with Republicans, rather than make himself or his own health care plan the issue.

“Barack Obama has failed America,” Romney declared.

At the same time, Romney didn't talk about social issues, which was a much greater emphasis of his last campaign.

It's pretty clear that Romney's argument is going to essentially boil down to: things are bad, things are bad because of Obama, elect me and I'll use my business background to fix things.

In a weak GOP field, this could be enough to win, but as I noted in my column today, Romney faces a number of problems that go beyond his disastrous health care plan.


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