Rioting hockey fans, Terrelle Pryor’s future and a presidential pass 

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- An embarrassing riot in downtown Vancouver following the Canucks’ Game 7 loss to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday resulted in over 100 arrests and untold damages as windows were smashed, fans beaten and cars set ablaze.

Thursday morning, losing Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo said Vancouver police should have called him for help, claiming that stopping the riot would have been “an easy save for me.”

- Vancouver hooligans defended themselves in the aftermath, arguing that if there’s an appropriate time to break things and destroy your city, it’s when you’re in a bad mood following a loss, rather than during a celebration when your team has won.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Giants and Lakers fans responded to the statement by lobbing Molotov cocktails toward Canada.

- Not to go all “700 Club” on you by bringing religion to the sports pages, but as the U.S. Open concluded Sunday with a dominating performance by someone not named Tiger Woods, many golf fans have expressed a belief that the downward spiral of Woods’ career, including the nagging injuries that kept him out of this year’s Open, is the result of God’s punishment for his confessed adultery.

Well, has released the 2011 version of its Fortunate 50 highest-paid athletes in America, and the Chastised

One was still sitting at the top, taking in a reported $62 million in the last calendar year alone.

Not to question the ultimate authority of our creator, but if a few Hail Marys and surviving on a paltry $62 million is what passes for penance these days, I’m getting to confession while the getting’s good.

- Much noise is being made in Oakland about the possibility of the Raiders using as high as a third-round pick in the NFL’s supplemental draft to select former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor’s physical skill set is supposedly once-in-a-generation — even if he never pans out as a passer in the NFL — and some believe Al Davis may pull the trigger on Pryor based on size and speed alone. Somewhere, JaMarcus Russell is laughing and choking on cheesecake.

- Leaving school in disgrace hasn’t been all bad for Pryor, however, as the ex-Buckeyes quarterback has found a way to earn extra cash while waiting for the supplemental draft and for the NFL lockout to end: Apparently he’s selling old championship rings to a buyer in South Beach who’s suddenly willing to pay top dollar for one.

- It was a foursome to remember on Saturday, as President Barack Obama teamed up with House Speaker John Boehner in a “golf summit” of sorts, taking on Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich. It was a tight match throughout that was eventually decided on the final hole when Boehner sank the winning putt for the presidential pairing.

When asked why he deferred to the man who is third in line for the presidency for the biggest shot of the match, Obama explained that he was a big LeBron James fan, and he thought the right play was always to defer to your No. 3 option when the game is on the line.

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